To Be Healthy! Slow Life!

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Jiuqu Stream in Wuyi Mountain is still full of green in early December.

December 1 is the“jog trot day” in Wuyi Mountain. “Jog trot” is synonymous with health and the environmental low-carbon travel, representing leisure, green, and physical and mental health. In the modern fast pace of life, we should highly recommend such healthy life. 

There are three essence tour routes for walking in Wuyi Mountain, namely, nine curves on shore line, tea culture line, and Wizard of Oz line. I walked along nine curves on shore line first, one side is the nine winding path, one side is the famous Jiuqu stream.

As soon as walked into this trail, there are pieces of reed-like plants at the roadside, and then a tea garden, and the distant scenery is the famous Danxia landform landscape. 

On the other side is the place for drifting on the Jiuqu Stream.

It’s a pity it wasn’t during the spring festival, or there would be people picking tea. 

But the camellia was still open at this time. 

Jiuqu Stream

Yeah, this road is really a slow road, and the road sometimes flat, sometimes gentle slope, with up and down stairs.

Although it was in December, but everywhere was still green along the mountain. 

There would be different kind of scenery each time looked back. 

In fact, everywhere was scenery, as long as you slow down, appreciate and experience slowly. In Wuyi Mountain, everywhere is beautiful scenery, as well as that delightful air~

Just let life slow down! Living in the fast-paced city, you don’t know how many chronic diseases you have when sitting in front of your computer in the office. Just slow down, you know, health is more than anything else, and as if we are farther and farther away from nature…

Suddenly I heard a burst of melodious songs~ oh, it turned out to be some old people playing musical instruments in the pavilion on the mountain!

I could not help but began to envy the local people in Wuyi Mountain. 

Em…I looked around ~

Continue to move forward, there are inscriptions on the left side of the cliff, but I forgot to take a photo of it. 

Yunwo is in the near front side, it is said that Yunwo is the most beautiful spot.

The water of Jiuqu stream is green, but unfortunately it had been a cloudy day!

I was close to Yunwo~ 

At that time, there had been many tourists gathering at Yunwo.

A group of elderly people happily sat on the floor 

There were some old people in the lounge area.

At the river shore, some workers carried wood moved forward, seemed to go to work in the front side. 

Suddenly the sun came out, and a large cluster of bamboo looked very nice~

Jiuqu Stream

I had a rest at Yunwo, and ate some oranges and dried longan…

There were inscriptions on the cliff behind the cluster of bamboo. 

I moved on, the scenery was also beautiful along the way, red, and green…

happy jog trot, healthy life...

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