Wushan Red Leaves

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Since the highway from Chongqing to Wushan opened, there have been many people driving to Wushan at this time every year, to shoot the mountain of leaves.

After arriving Wanzhou by car from Chongqing, then through Yunyang, Fengjie, finally arrived at Wushan, which would take about 8 hours for the whole trip, people can refuel and find some restaurants to eat along the way. It’s very nice to enjoy the leaves and take pictures along the way. 
Ps: there is only a gas station providing the 97# gasoline in Wushan County, at the exit of highway. 

My love for leaves come from a legend story: it is said that the ones who catch the leaves before falling on the floor will get luck. 

I like climbing to shoot some new idea of photos, although it’s a hard work, when seeing the magnificent scenery in front of you, you will feel all the hard work is worthwhile. 

some photographers…

The green river, solid peaks, and the breathtaking red leaves, all of these formed a paradise on earth. 

Mountains of red leaves…

Wushan County is about 15 kilometers east of the Yangtze River, where there is a rock towering among the green mountains and sea of clouds, just like a slim girl, this is the world famous Goddess Peak. The leaves here are the most beautiful in the whole Wushan County. Looking at the eyeful of leaves, the mood became good suddenly. 

It is best to find a farmhouse to stay for one night at the foot of Goddess Peak, listening to the old boatman’s stories, and learning to sing a folk song.

Wushan Yangtze River Bridge, a bright rainbow in the night…

If time permits, Valley of Love is also a good place to enjoy leaves. There are several farmhouses deep into the mountains, where you can enjoy the farm dinner and the beautiful scenery as much as possible. There are also some dedicated staffs to guide tourists picking leaves and making samples. 

In addition to enjoy the leaves, don’t miss the Wushan County specialties. My favorite is this grilled Wushan whole fish. 

Traveling Wushan by car is a free tour. You can choose the starting time and the visit locations as you wish, but you’d better go with two or three best friends. In addition to traveling by car, there are some other ways to enjoy Wushan leaves. 

1. Cruise is the most expensive and slowest way, but you can play along the way, such as visiting Fengdu Ghost Town, Shibaozhai, Yunyang Zhangfei Temple, Fengjie Baidicheng, and free sightseeing Qutangxia (one of the Three Gorges)

2. The most inexpensive way: by train. However, this is not very suitable for the first time to visit, and there is a lot of trouble to transfer along the way.

3. The most simple and affordable way: take a long-distance sleeper at Chaotianmen bus station, the price is about RMB 200.

4. The fastest way: by a high-speed bus bus to Wanzhou, then transfer to cruising yacht in Wanzhou, a total of RMB 280, and 7 hours. But must go in the morning, if you go in the afternoon, you would arrive the next day.

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