Zhijiang Had Attracted the Attention of the World

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Zhijiang, a low-key county in nowadays but had attracted the eye of the world in the past. This is a Dong Autonomous County in Hunan, and has been named one of the 66 Chinese Culture and Tourism counties that one must visit in his life. During World War II, Zhijiang was the location for general headquarters of Chinese Army; had the second largest airport in the Far East, gathering the aircrafts of Soviet Union, the United States, China and other countries; had been the place for Japan surrendered to China. What’s more, there is the longest wind and rain bridge in the world, the only Mazu Temple in mainland of China, and the largest Dong drum tower group.

The world's only memorial landmark for victory in World War II, which is also known as “China's Arc de Triomphe”, shape like a Chinese word: “血”. 

The surrender hall: August 15, 1945, the Japanese government announced unconditional surrender. Later, from 21 to 23 August, the surrender ceremony was held here. 

Within the surrender hall: it is said that the tables and chairs and other things in the hall are the original. 

Flying Tigers Memorial Hall: there are many little-known moving stories.

the stone mill used to build the Zhijiang airport

the tower on which the General Chennault commanded the troops

Flying Tigers statues 

the site of shuttle street 

the new shuttle Street (Street-like shuttle)

China's largest Dong drum tower group

landmark of drum tower group: inside of the Wanhe building 

the largest inland Mazu temple

the world's largest wind and rain bridge - Longjin Bridge 

Longin Bridge is the main military supply route in the southwest area during World War II. Therefore it is the major bombing target, there were 27 Japanese planes bombarded at most in a day. But what is surprising is that the bridge still lie safely on the river thought Japanese aircraft bombed it again and again. The scene in the Flying Tigers Memorial Hall(the background is wind and rain bridge) depicts the scene that year.

Today’s wind and rain bridge is rebuilt in 1999. Equally unexpected is that the local government determined to hire two farmers who hadn’t completed primary school as the chief engineers. 

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