Tai Chi Love, Kung Fu Dream

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Mount Wudang, also known as the Wudang Mountains, or simply Wudang, is a small mountain range in the northwestern part of Hubei Province of China, just to the south of the Shiyan city.

Mount Wudang is the birthplace of Taoism, and is known to the world for its martial arts, and Tai Chi. I had been guessing the outline of mountains on the plane, then suddenly this mountain drifted across the sea of clouds outside the window, so is it the Mount Wudang in my dream?

Religious places always make people feel mysterious. Mount Wudang did not let us down. 

The first stop is Jade Void Palace, here is a site still under repair, built on mountains, and covers a large area. 

As it is open here, a lot of Kung fu fans like to practice here.

red walls, green tiles, and white dress, as if enter into the world of martial arts

In addition to some individual fans, most of them are students of the martial arts, who practiced seriously under the guidance of the master.

To my surprise, more than 50 percent of students in martial arts are from around the world, with different colors, different races, different countries, actually like a small United Nations. 

Everyone showed his skills in the square under the guidance of their teacher, jump and somersault.

It can be seen that these two were practicing very seriously, and even exchanged ideas about the essentials of the action from time to time. 

As the Romans do, to learn martial arts, first has the right hairstyle, just like this guy’s, very attractive.

Make a mischievous face to the camera. I do not know whether it is because the students here have seen too many tourists, they are all very generous, and onlookers and the ones taking pictures had almost no impact to them. 

during the rest time, someone reflected on the past, while someone vision for the future

practice martial arts make body strong; reading calm the mind

This cluster of Ming Dynasty buildings are one of the largest palaces on Mount Wudang. Although dilapidated, it is still very appealing.

ruins, gravel, and grass, as if history was frozen in a moment 

You would travel through time if walk in it, and such scenes make people feel unreal, as if trance back in the distant past.

a dream, a feeling

Several sheep were leisurely nibbling the tender grass.

Jade Void Palace in the distance was still under repair, and it was more beautiful like this. 

tall pavilion, glamorous color, intoxicating scenery in the sunset

Several Taoists passed by, and they are the masters here. 

Students’ ages varies a lot, old, young, and children. I saw two youngest practitioners when ready to leave.

This two-year-old little girl was practicing one by one seriously and professionally.

Taoism and martial arts, religion and culture, I could feel the heritage and promotion of the Chinese ancient cultural on Wudang. 

Black and white Tai Chi. It is not so easy to obtain the profound Taoist culture and the essence of Wudang in a short time. So in order to better understand the culture, our guide took us to visit a famous local martial arts.

This Zhong Taoist is the master of the martial arts, with agile figure and gentle manners. He introduced to us about his experience of studying Taoism and practicing King Fu in Wudang martial arts, and his understanding the health of Tai Chi and the Taoist culture. He has many disciples, you know, all of the instructors in various martial arts surrounded are his disciples. He is good at kung fu, and has involved in the Internet for a long time, and he opened a local Wudang martial arts web site to promote Wudang culture.

Some of the disciples of Zhong Taoist are handsome guys. 

This guy is from Las Vegas, United States, it is not easy for him to practice like this.

This man was also very committed. A dog walked through the crowd, seemed have used to such scene, and the practitioners also ignored its existence. 

This guy from France had cool hair, and would not budge us, even the eyes did not open. 

I was afraid he would puncture my camera. 

This guy in white has agile figure. I chatted with him for a while, and knew that he came from Texas. He has been attracted by the Kung fu since his childhood. He had been Mount Wudang for three months, and he would return to be a martial arts instructor in USA. 

Many movies and television especially the martial arts dramas were shot in the Wudang, a magical place. 

You can see various fans all over the world in all the attractions of the Wudang Mountains, quite fanatical. 

This is not a movie, just outdoor photo, but very professional and seriousness. 

Wudang Taoist and Wudang Tai Chi martial arts culture attract people from around the world. 

Zhong Taoist receives dozens of children in poor families for free, not only free tuition, room and board, also provided free daily necessities. 

This shy girl will blush when talking with strangers, and these a variety of cute cartoon toys in dormitories show that she is no different form the peers. 

Perhaps, years later, these innocent Wudang disciples will spread all over the world, become a messenger of Chinese cultural. 

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