An Old Town Hidden and Unknown to the World

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Though as one of the four ancient towns, Hongjiang Old Town is not so famous as Lijiang, Pingyao, and Fenghuang. However, if compared with the history, the glory in the past time, and today's value, etc., it is awesome as well. According to some records, it was formed in late Yuan Dynasty. It is the economic, cultural and religious center of the southwestern of Hunan, also known as “Pearl of Western Hunan”, “Little Chongqing”, “Little Nanjing”. 

The man was shooting the landmark of the old town. 

PS: Hongjiang Old Town is located in Huaihua City, Hunan Province, and still well-preserved the Ming and Qing ancient buildings, such as the sub-cellar houses, temples, Escort, banks, trade names, Matheson, workshops, shops, pubs, brothels, newspapers, tobacco museum, a total of more than 380 buildings with a total area of 200,000 square meters.

live ad in the Fuquan Hall(a drugstore)

“prosperous” area 

quiet lane

Gao Family Courtyard 

steps leading to …

Some experts say this is a “living fossil of burgeoning capitalist in China's inland areas”.

Sichuan Center

Qinglou Street 

Hefengyuan was once prestigious in Qinglou Street

The whole building has three stories, decorated with fine material, magnificent. It was an upscale entertainment places, with a couplet within the auditorium.

Smoker in the Fuxingchang Smoking House - live interpretation

There are performances reproducing the scenarios in the past time. 

bamboo hat and straw rain cape in the Escort

There was a lovely little sister among the tourists watching performance in the Escort.

Curiously looking at the actors in the performance

Though couldn’t get what they were performing, this little girl still made a cute laughter in silence from time to time, attracted everyone in the scene. 

Two little local boys were playing while eating supper in the lane. 

The old man who has witnessed the old town calmly faced the visitors. 

visitor went by...

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