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It was March when I went to Wuyuan, in the spring. 

We were a group of 20 photographers. When we arrived at Jiangxi, we hired a local guide specifically looking for photography point. She was also a great photography. It was a four-hour drive from Wenzhou to Wuyuan, and we arrived at Wuyuan County at 12:00, then drive to Sixiyan Village along the Moon Bay. There were not many tourists on the way, so we felt very comfortable. 

Wuyuan Introduction
      Wuyuan is an ancient county with a long history in Jiangxi Province, as well as one of six counties of ancient Huizhou. 
      The scenery here is magnificent dotted with strange caves, deep secluded rocks and numerous historic sites, and has been described by some photographers as one of the most beautiful villages in China. Wuyuan County is home to some of the best-preserved ancient architecture in China. Each of the numerous ancient buildings has a distinctive shape and structure. They emerge from among the emerald green mountains, clear rivers, green trees and the crisscrossing paths between the fields.
     The best location for viewing the followers of rape, pear, and peach: Jiangling. 

Wuyuan Accommodation Suggestions: 
       Wuyuan’s beauty lies in the countryside scenery, with the development of local tourism, it is very convenient to find all types of hotels and economy hotels in Wuyuan, but I recommend finding a hotel near the landscape. 

I liked such feeling, view the outside like this. 

This was the first time to pass by the Moon Bay, and I could see it was a crescent-shaped lake in the distant. It was afternoon at that time, and after a long time travelling in the car, we were astonished to see the large areas of golden rape, black and white tile bricks of Huizhou architecture, so beautiful!!!

I always like to take photos of the reed in the wind. Although they are not beautiful, they have strong vitality.

It was the end of March at that time, and most of them liked to shoot the golden rape and Moon Bay on the hillside, but I found this peach blossom, standing lonely in the middle of the hillside. 

dense rape

The sky is open by this beam. 

They were probably overlooking the Moon Bay. 

The background of this family particularly impressed me. It was really romantic to see China's most beautiful countryside together as a whole family.

country road

I like such quiet country road, not many cars, only a few motorcycles from time to time. Road is very clean, and the tree is also very neat, looks like the painting. 

unique brick house

Look, large areas of golden yellow, sporadic rouge pink, two straight houses, that is the village of Wuyuan. 

father and son 

bells at the foot of the tower 

This is Dragon Sky Tower on Fengshan Mountain, with a long history. I like the bell hanging on the corner very much, and the jingle of bells sounds good. 

riverside landscape 

a scarred dog

The dog was very poor, his body is injured. Although it is nothing to do with the travel, I still want to appeal to love these stray animals, because they have the right to life like us. Dog is man's friend, not enemy, nor food.

Sixiyan Village

70's barber shop, a very old barber shop

an old family workshop

Brother and sister, what a pity, they looked particularly confused.

This reflection is very beautiful, right?

This house is probably date back to the Qing Dynasty, the ancestral home of the local people. They charge 5 yuan per person as the entrance fee. 

The second day: Jiangling--Rainbow Bridge--Jiangwan

pear blossom

This is a white pear blossom shot at the riverside

golden terraces

Although it was 5 o'clock in the morning in Jiangling, it was cloudy. Smoke rises, Wuyuan just like an ink painting in misty rain. 

painting-like image

Although the road of this terrace was very beautiful, but not easy to walk, so advise to wear bleated shoes.

a quiet village in the early morning


This towering old tree is very tall. Though it was spring, there were still no leaves, looked very lonely. 

The houses in Wuyuan are much like this: Huizhou architecture style, there are some old brick houses, I like these winding stone path, and the plant come out from the wall. 

whole slice of the golden village

a hardworking woman 

wood house 

Old Huizhou architecture


a trail under the sunset

the plant was climbing down 

The third day: Moon Bay - Likeng

Moon Bay’s morning 

fishing boat lights at 5:30 a.m.

There would be a boatman rowing on the Moon Bay, of course, this is not his daily routine. The fishermen here are smart and know photographers like to shoot such pictures, so they would boat on the lake in the early morning, and charged some fee from the photographers.

This fisherman was casting a net.

Do you know how much to cast for four times, 100 Yuan!!! However, fellow photographers are willing to spend the money to capture such picture, so this fisherman became a professional model. Wait until morning, and he was gone, and this time he went fishing indeed.

the simple fisherman

close the net at the dawn 

morning’s rape

At dawn, we climbed the slope to shoot the panoramic view.

This is yellow mud water

a shopping street

Huizhou architecture

abandoned old house 

a fish pool

5:00 in the morning

at dawn, fisherman was about to leave

Jiangxi Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/Jiangxi/


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