Tengchong Thermal Sea, A Place Full of Hot Springs

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There are numbers of odd shape of young volcanic group in Tengchong.  This is the most imposing hot springs I have ever seen, which created by peculiar geological conditions here; Just as the locals say, you can find there are hot springs everywhere here. 

Tengchong Thermal Sea Scenic Area is located 20 km southwest of the county, about 20 minutes by car. It is a small valley, with a large gas springs and more than 80 groups of hot springs, including 10 groups of hot water, whose temperature is about 90 ℃ or more. 

Entering into the scenic area, you can feel the sultry air was filled with the pungent smell, so it is better to visit in the morning or in the evening. In the mid-day, the temperature is higher than outside, you can stay in a hotel near the scenic area, so you can bath the hot spring for free, and don’t go on holidays, because the tickets will be more than RMB 200, but according to the locals, it costs only tens of dollars in the usual. 

Along the steps, there is a “big hot pot”, the largest and most spectacular in the scenic area. 

The temperature of the “big hot pot” reaches 97 ℃, rolling boil day and night…

Why it is called Huaitai (means pregnancy in English) Well? But it is said that there was a beautiful legend about this well, and the spring water is rich in trace elements which good to the human body. 

And there are some people fetching the spring water from the Huaitai Well.

Pearl Spring

This is the most amazing fountains in the scenic area. You know, there is hot spring water coming out on the road side, don’t you think it is very magical?

take a close-up photograph

converge into small waterfall…

strange hot spring geology 

too many hot spring water, after years of flowing, formed a strange landscape

strange environment create exotic tree

well water, river water, never meet each other…

full of hot springs…

hot springs of Xiangshui Pool 

Can you imagine there are hot springs coming out from everywhere like that…

Wow…so big a steaming basket!

Maybe this is the biggest steamer I have ever seen. The locals make full use of the geothermal energy generated from the “big hot pot” to steamed buns or something else.

The local people come up with a variety of ideas to make full use of the abundant geothermal resources here.

foot bath

Natural hot spring bath…

Hot Spring Resort

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