First Stop through China's Snow Town - Dongsheng Forest Farm

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Dongsheng Forest Farm is our first stop through the Snow Town, if chartered to it, about five or six hours’ drive. If go by car, you can choose the following two routes: 

Harbin → Wuchang City → Shanhetun → Dongsheng Forest Farm:
Take a bus to Wuchang at the bus station in Harbin (opposite the Harbin Railway Station), every 30 minutes, fare 27 Yuan, about 3 hours by car), then transfer to Shanhe (every 30 minutes, ticket price 7 Yuan, drive about 40 minutes), then Shanhe to Dongsheng (14:40 departure, only this interval). With the development of Dongsheng forest tourism in recent years, there are various types of family hotels, mainly kang-based, public wash, generally 30-40 Yuan per person during the peak season, double rooms 70-80 Yuan per person.

Harbin → Wuchang → Shahezi→ Dongsheng Forest Farm:
Be sure to proceed to Wuchang before 7:30 from Harbin, transfer to Shahezi (14 yuan), and then go to the Dongsheng Forest. The bus to Dongsheng, 12:20 departure, and 15:00 arrival Dongsheng Forest Farm (13 Yuan)

Dongsheng Forest Farm is located in the east of Tieli City, 8 km from the city center, belongs to the Forestry Bureau of Tieli City.

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