Jinggangshan – Ciping Streetscape

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Ciping is loated in the northern foot of Former Revolutionary Bases— Jinggangshan, 826 meters above sea level. It is a beautiful mountain town, now is the core area of Jinggangshan.

Ciping is traditionally political and economic center of Jinggangshan (the government of Jinggangshan city has moved to the foot of the New Area from Ciping in recent years), Jinggangshan will soon resume the former name of “Ciping”, while the Xia Ping town in the foot of the mountain will be planned into new Jinggangshan. 

In October 1927, Mao Zedong led the Chinese Workers'and Peasants' Revolutionary Army to the Jinggangshan Ciping, established the first rural revolutionary base. Then Ciping Red Army became the leading organs and the rear base throughout the party, government, military.

In the era of the war, Ciping suffered many times of burning and looting by the enemy, became the wild forest and barren hills.

But now Ciping is full of green trees and bamboo, with pleasant scenery. Ciping is a garden city now, fresh and beautiful, and is also the tourism and summer resort, an excellent environment.

Thanks to the glorious history of the base, Jinggangshan is famous and develop quiet well. Most of today's tourist attractions are the cultural landscape left by the Red Army, most of them have restored on the site in recent years because of commercial interests.

A cement road around the entire mountain city, new buildings along the avenue, level of scattered, nestled in the green jungle, forming the unique mountain city of round half of the street. 

The central Ciping is the Yi Cui Lake Park, providing shade, lake flat as a mirror pavilions side by side.

There are two mountains separately in the north and south of Yi Cui Lake, the southern tip called Nanshan, where there is bamboo, ancient trees. On the peak there are sculptures symbol of the Jinggangshan struggle of workers, peasants and soldiers. 

The northern end is called Beishan, though the mountain is not high, depending on the mountain shape, winding paths lined with the Revolutionary Martyrs Memorial, Forest of Stone Tablets, monuments, sculpture park, the whole mountain is a natural museum. 

The Day Street is the downtown commercial center, eating, shopping, having fun, everything is still brightly lit until 10 pm, the tourist hustle and bustle.

The red song sets opposite the Museum 

the China Executive Leadership Academy of Ciping

There is a Mao hotel at the exit of the west side of Day Street, featuring for its braised pork.

Jinggangshan –the cradle of China’s revolution

Jiangxi Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/chinaguide/jian/attractions/Mt.-Jinggangshan-.html

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