Baipu, a little town for leisure

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At a sunny afternoon, I was strolling leisurely in a town. It was a little town, and I was wandering aimlessly and leisurely. The local people are very honest and friendly. Though it was a strange place, it is filled with warm, and all kinds of fancy snacks make people feel good. This place has a nice name, Baipu.

Baipu is a veritable ancient town, which was built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (411 years). Because of the lake near the town was covered with rushes that blooms white flowers, so the town is called Baipu.

Baipu’s gourmets are actually some homemade food. Yellow wine, dried beancurd, fishball, and Chinese cabbage are the traditional four longevity food in Baipu. The most famous one is the dried beancurd. So I bought some dried beancurd too. 

Comes to the cultural atmosphere in Baipu, there are indeed a lot of famous people in the long history of 1,600 years…

There are mosses on the barrack, suggest its long history…

Casually walked into a yard, I saw an old well…

There was only an old gentleman in the yard, maybe he had lived there all his life?

Names of the streets in the town reveal a deep cultural atmosphere

Plants and flowers in the yard, refreshing…After walking for a long way, there was something wrong with my sandals. It was an old shoemaker repaired for me very carefully.

Beside,there was a kindly old man, who was baking pies, I could smell far away.

What happened? This guy was making biscuits, funny face, right?

Oh, I see, he was putting the pies in the hot oven wall, I tried, the temperature of the furnace wall was really high. No wonder he made a face like that…

I really liked the leisure life in the ancient town. They were doing all kinds of folks, seemed enjoyable. I wanted to walk along the way…

This old lady was making shoes. Those who could use the sewing machine later would probably be less and less in the future.

This is a more professional shoemaker, dazzling tool…

I kept on walking, and then I saw a famous inscription by Emperor Qianlong.

dried beancurd, I bought some and tasted, very good.

The honoured brand dried beancurd had more attractive packaging.

As long as you looked carefully, you could see gourmet everywhere in the street. Look at this big basket of duck eggs.

There was a basket of broad beans in sun.

Presbyterian Church USA, the architecture is also Chinese and Western style.

Were they playing cards, but why the card was so odd?

This mysterious game and strange pattern, what is it? In fact, it is the local feature long card, and I did not understand after watching for a long time.

This is the most amazing yard – a private school traced back to the Ming Dynasty.

The double courtyard was separated by an elegant circular arch. Plants and flowers in the yard were very seductive.

There was a library outside the courtyard.

Walk into the old private school, feeling strange.

Brick paved courtyard, with a green moss, the same with ancient feeling…

The owner was playing mahjong, need a fourth for mahjong, but still played…

I left the beautiful yard, reluctant to leave…

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