Chengdu, a city of mahjong

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What do you know about Chengdu, food, beauties, or mahjong? Well, Sichuan food has sweeping the whole country in China, and you can see all kinds of Sichuan food restaurants can be seen everywhere in China. As to the beauties, I have to say there are really a lot of beautiful girls in Sichuan, if you walk in the street, you can see almost of the young girls in the street are rather beautiful. At last, it is easy to see many people playing mahjong in the streets and parks.

In the eyes of Chinese people, Chengdu has already become the city of mahjong. It is said that the local people prefer to play mahjong outside the house, especially in the hot summer, and they are also very keen on water-mahjong.

Chengdu people are so fond of mahjong, then, does that mean that gambling has become a trend there? In fact it is not, those who play mahjong during the day are usually the retired elderly and unemployed, the earners mahjongg won’t play it, even if the earners play mahjong, they will choose to play at weekend or other leisure time, nobody take mahjong as a way to earn money, most of Chengdu people only regard it as an entertainment, and I even regard it as a rare pleasant. Chengdu is a city focusing on "life instinct", it must be more humane, no cramped, not so dry, and no fierce competition. Change is not so severe, so the people are not very anxious, people in this city always have the spirit of game and the ability to self-deprecate. In addition to playing mahjong, Chengdu people are also interested in gourmet, travel, stocks, and football.

Seeing this picture, I believe the fat people must be eating too much.

SanshengHua Xiang is located in Sansheng Street Office, Jinjiang District in Chengdu, which is known as the hometown of plants and flowers in China, including five themed attractions: Flower Farms, Happiness Merlin, Jiang family vegetable garden, Dongli chrysanthemums Gardens, and Lotus Pond. Jiang family vegetable garden is located in Dujiang Dam Village, and it is a base for urban vegetable cultivation, in the form of with “leisure, work, and harvest”. Visitors can enjoy the joy of harvest and experience the comfortable and relaxed rural life.

Chengdu Wuhou Temple is located in South Gate of Wuhou Temple Street, and it is the only shrines co-worshiping monarch and his people in China.

One corner of Huanhuaxi Park

night view on the bridge

Kam Village, a folk Antique Street
Du Fu Cottage

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