Follow the Monkey King to the Flaming Mountain

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I know the Flaming Mountains by one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature—Journey to the West, it should be regarded as the most exciting chapter in the Journey to the West, at least it is my favorite chapter. The monk Xuanzang and his three disciples Monkey King, Monk Pig, and Friar Sand travelled to the "Western Regions" during the Tang Dynasty, to obtain sacred texts. They saw a sea of fire when passed by the Flaming Mountains, then they would like to borrow a fan from Princess Iron Fan to quench the flames that surround a peasant village, as a result, comes the Red Boy, Fire Fan, Buffalo Demon King ... Wow, the real Buffalo Demon King is coming!

Hi, girl, why are you so shy? Oh, you should be careful, because the Princess Iron Fan is really not to be trifled with…

Located in the northern edge of Turpan Basin, and North Road of the ancient Silk Road, Flaming Mountains is the most famous attractions in Turpan. There is no grass, birds, or any other life on the Flaming Mountains. In summer, the auburn mountain exposures under the hot sun in the sky, the sandstone was shining, and hot air rolling up like raging flames, so known as "Flaming Mountains."

Monkey King, absolute main character and hero. Of course there is also an inaccurate legend: the Monkey King created a disturbance in the heavens and knocked over a kiln, causing embers to fall from the sky to the place where the Flaming Mountains are now. In an Uigur legend, a dragon lived in the Tianshan Mountains. Because the dragon ate little children, a Uigur hero slew the dragon and cut it into eight pieces. The dragon's blood turned into a scarlet mountain of blood and the eight pieces became the eight valleys in the Flaming Mountains.

The air temperature in Flaming Mountain can be up to 49.6 degrees, the surface temperature can reach73 degrees, so that it is the hottest place in China, of course, this is not the result of the broken cauldron, and the scientific suggests that: Tianshan the more intense geological activity is the area , buried in the ground level in most coal seams after several geologicalmovement becomes inclined coal seam, coal outcrop after contact with air, oxidation of the accumulated heat warming, caused by spontaneous combustion, and ultimately lead to coalfires burning throughout the year we also formed after today saw the Flaming Mountain.

Hey, the heroin Princess Iron Fan is coming…

The glider charges RMB 380 each time, I could see the eight hundred miles of Flaming Mountain. The whole body of the mountain is red, very spectacular.

Hey, monkey, don’t look any more, you couldn’t see the end of the eight hundred miles Flaming Mountain, you’d better borrow the fan you’re your sister Princess Iron Fan quickly.

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