Manzhouli, a border city on the grassland

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Manzhouli is a sub-prefecture-level city located in Hulunbuir prefecture-level city, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China. It is the busiest land port of entry of China, and means “exuberant spring” in Mongolian.

Manzhouli is small and exquisite, outside the city, there are miles of grass. In the city streets, Russians pass by, smooth and delicate ancient Greece and Rome architectures, imprint of the Sino-Russian economic and cultures can be seen everywhere here. Constructions in the streets have vivid colors, and the door of each store is filled with Chinese, Russian, and Mongolian, but generally Russian occupies the majority position.

During the day, Manzhouli is particularly quiet, not many pedestrians in the street, while the night falls, bright lights, dancing crowd, flashing neon bars, full of life. Local people said that the Russian people like to sleep late, they usually come out at night, it is hard to meet a Russian in the day.

We had stayed in Shangri-La Hotel for three days when we were in Manzhouli, where there is a square opposite the hotel. I liked to walk to that square when I was boring. The square is empty at night, and I liked to stop and think quietly.

The bright lights of the Russian Art Museum, it was very beautiful.

This is the Russian doll, ethnic style stuff. However, the price of a good one is very high. . .

Heroic Mother Medal, it is an honorary medal awarded to the mother who give birth to or raise 10 or more than 10 babies by the Soviet Union from July 8, 1944.

As a border town, Manzhouli is filled with exotic, and the colors of architectures are very bright, you can not imagine such a beautiful building turn out to be a disease prevention and control center.

View from above Manzhouli town.

the street in the evening

the entrance of Manzhouli abroad. . . there are lots of visitors

Seeing the abroad to Russia from the windows, we could see that it was empty. . . Ah, so quiet

FCA, visitors stop. .

Lakes outside of the Manzhouli, blue sky, white clouds, clear water, grass land and my favorite white walls and red roof!

Grassland, prairie, my daring. . . . I did not go deep into the prairie this journey for it was limited, just enjoyed the scenery along the road, so I was a little disappointed.

Autumn is coming, and the grass is not so green as it was in the summer.

The meat in the grassland…

This lake is very blue…

This picture likes a milk ad… Super natural pasture

This plant turns red so early, oh, it is just the early autumn.

The Magnificent prairie road…

The sunset was so beautiful…

Hulun Lake… when I arrived, it was getting dark…

There were many Russians in the bar, of course, as well as many tourists from all over the country.

the hodgepodge of nationalities, Oh…

Passionate Russian dance…

Manzhouli Shangri-La Hotel's presidential suite, it was absolutely great to overlook the night scene! There are many people travel to Manzhouli travel, especially in summer, the hotel is basically full every day, and even the presidential suite is also no one left.

The Russia restaurant in the hotel is very unique, and I was impressed by the grilled string very much, ah, very tempting…

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