Xitang, A Petty Bourgeoisie Taste Ancient Town

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Xitang is a water town with a strong flavor of life crisscrossed by nine rivers. The town stretches across eight sections, linked by old-fashioned stone bridges.

Xitang maintain the pattern of Yangtze River Delta, so water is the lifeblood of the town. Many tourists took boats, but I didn’t do that, what a pity.

We walked a long time to the central area, and many photos of Xitang are born here.

Those who love books like me wouldn’t miss this store, although this store is a bookshop, in fact there are very few books, postcard-based.

There are always girls in such shop.

We went to an alley deviate from the center area and find some special shops, no noise but quietly, very well.

Graffiti culture has also spread to this town.

Special meaning…

that very European style window ornaments

The crisp white and wood colors, most of such stores are also a coffee shop.

Anime fans can also find their own world there.

When seeing this store, but I was confused, was I in Lijiang? And I recalled the moment sitting in the store and listening to music.

Bar could also be very special

Of course, in the town, the most common stores are those sold and helped visitors mailing postcards, which seemed very popular.

Hang up the photos like that--I like it, and I also wanted to hang one at my home once upon a time.

Deliver a card to the future of oneself here, and you should have a try to see what will happen and what’s the mood at that moment? 

That don’t be sold are always the most pleasing.

Although they were all selling postcards, every store had its own characteristics, or how to do business ah~

Night of Xitang is more charming than the day, there is thunder loud music in the bar street, where full of tourists, very crowded.

Many stores don’t allow visitors to take pictures. 

We found a special café as well as hostel in the town, where we spent a half night. We were playing Renju and other chess one by one until the store closed... 

You can see lotus painted walls everywhere…

It would be very comfortable to sit in the open during the day.

The night was deep, dark light, red walls, filled with ambiguity.

Even the cushions have a thick southern character, you can see lotus pattern on the cushions.

Some scenes

There are also a cocktails, there is no need to worry there is no wine to drink.

Can you guess whether this cat is a real one?

Inside there is an open-air patio, used a stone as table, and lit a candle

Drink a cup of tea at night, remember don’t eat too much, and a piece of cake would be ok.

Cheese cake looks great. However, particularly in the plate, chocolate on the cake as well as the plate is actually mixed into one, surprised…

These are hand-made muffins, really taste good.

Jiangxi Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/Jiangxi/

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