The Rainy West Street

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West Street was built in 590 AD. So far, it has 1,400 years of history. West Street is 1180 meters long and 8 meters wide, both sides of the street are simple and elegant houses, with tiles, sloping roof, white washed walls, and hanging balconies. West Street is one kind of inner petty bourgeoisie style, whose business model is generally the same with Beijing's Nanluoguxiang and Shanghai’s Tianzifang.

It was evening when we arrived at Yangshuo, after eating supper, although it rained a little outside, I still decided to walk around the West Street.

Walking through the West Street, let the rain fell on the body, it was great, under the dim light, just as in the fairyland.

Probably it was rainy, there were few guests in the shop, and the rain was also a little cool, and when the wind blew, the head became clear at once.

West Street is an ancient street with historical and cultural atmosphere. It is said that it was a place for Dr. Sun Yat-sen to give his speech, as well as the place for hundreds of presidents, prime ministers from many countries (such as Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Henry Kissinger, Margaret Thatcher, Ho Chi Minh City, etc.) to hang around.

It is said that West Street is a foreigner street full west color.

Many foreign people come here to open restaurants and coffee shops, enjoy rendering their respective petty bourgeoisie in Yangshuo town.

Er… it read: please don’t touch me in Chinese characters! In fact, I really didn’t intend to touch them.

Of course, there are also many foreigners coming here to enjoy the petty bourgeoisie, or have a drink…

The foggy mountains, it is a little artistic conception, like being in the painting.

The bar on the second floor is unique and very suitable for lovers.

Match Paradise, a chain store which is also has its branch stores in Beijing and Shanghai.

Aladdin’s and Indian’s handmade cotton clothing, jewelry, handicrafts…

West Street is a Chinese town concentrated essence of China. There are all kinds of traditional Chinese ornaments in the Western-style stores: totem tie-dyed cloth, handmade-woven shawls, manmade embroidered cotton clothing, purse, strap, horn combs, handmade silver jewelry, etc. These little shops, located in such landscape and natural town, attract thousands of foreigners and Chinese.

Specialties fried Tofu, I ate one piece, not very delicious.

A shop selling artworks gourd, I love it.

Sculpture of Osama bin Laden, ah life like, look at it carefully, I found bin Laden was a handsome guy.

Stone road, northern Guangxi residential areas, bars, restaurants, hotels, folk artists, souvenirs, and tourists of different colors…there is everything in West Street.

A unique hotel lobby…

This long list of paper lanterns, it is very beautiful in the night.

Mountains in Guilin are very unique.

Bridges, water, and houses…

It was deep at night, but everything here had just started. After strolling two hours, we returned to the hotel. Good night!

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