Challenge the dangerous Mount Hua

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There are three walking trails leading to Mount Hua, one is the original old path, which is started from the Hua Shan Gorge (Jade Spring) in Western Hills Gate; the other two walking trails are started from Huang Pu Gorge in the gate of East Peak, then take a cable car to the North Peak.

Xiyue Temple at the foot of Mount Hua

the porter on the road up to Mount Hua

The real plank road built along the face of a cliff is located outside the east side of South Gate at the very top of South peak, and the total length is about 100 meters.

The plank road can be divided into three parts. The upper part is from the South Gate to the west of Chaoyuan Cave, carved along the face of the cliffs, 20 meters long, and two feet wide or so. Turn down, there are iron bars crossing the cliff gap, shaped like a volley hanging ladder, visitors have to pull the iron chain down step by step, this is the middle part, turn to west is the next segment, people chiseled holes in the stone cliff, wedge into the stone pile. Visitors come here have to face and attach the wall of cliff, and slowly and carefully move forward with their foot on the wooden rafters.

Facing and attaching the belly on the cliff wall, walking along the the iron chain, facing the abyss, the brave people will fell like walking in the sky, relaxed and happy, while the timid people will tremble with fear, breath walking.

Plank Road is the most dangerous road in the dangerous Mount Hua. But through the ages, there are still many adventures coming and challenge this risk mountain.

Winding roads, we finally finished the thrill plank road.

We came to this small open field.

There is a cliff having a legend at the end of the plank road.

The top of the cliff is about 100 square meters, surrounded three sides of cliff, the other side is the mountain, inside of which is god of the Mountain Hua, who was the first person to build the plank road. We could not help meditating when we stood on the top of the cliff.

Sleeping Dragon Pine

There are Chinese characters on the “safe locks”.

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