Shadow of Tianlongtunbao Ancient Town

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Tianlongtunbao Ancient Town is a model of military defense featured army farming building, where there are stone arches around the buildings. It is easy to defense but hard to conquer, and is really an important military place.

Army farming culture is a product of the army farming in Ming Dynasty. Army farming is a special system which restrain worker from state land by military administration in the feudal society. In China's history, there were different scales of Mita, and it was regarded as the good policy to increase border security and of appeasement by the rulers.

The people stick to the Ming traditional practices in the six hundred years
In the deep mountains of the hinterland of central Guizhou, 50 kilometers from the provincial capital, 150 square kilometers from Anshun City, there are a group of Tunbao people. In the more than six hundred years, Tunbao people stubbornly stick to the ancestral system of the Ming Dynasty.

Walked into this old army farming village, you will be surprised to find that there is still such culture existing in this world. Army farming culture has its own style, and is different from other Han Chinese culture and the local ethnic culture. It is the relics of the relatively closed Ming Dynasty Culture. Tunbao people stick to the language, dress, building, and religion six hundred years ago.

Most of Tunbao person's language has retroflex pronunciation, fast, reveals a military masculinity.

In clothing, tunbao women maintain the progenitor system, their cloth is large navy blue long-sleeve clothing, and the delicate lace embodies the charm of southern embroidery. A pair of pointed embroidered shoes reveals the creativeness of tunbao women, elegant and noble. There are still many women embroidering embroidered shoes in the street.

No one can have such a deep understanding of the stone as the Tunbao people. Indeed, tunbao is really a stone world. Everything here is made of stone.

The solid of rock play a decisive role in the military nature of the tunbao village.

Tunbao people are a group of "warlike" Han people. The best thing to embody this point is the local opera, the drama to play on the ground. Local opera is a branch of Nuo culture, also called Junnuo(Nuo in army ). Tunbao ancestors danced military Nuo dancing was not to entertain people but the God, it was also a way to inspire military might and threaten enemy.

Tianlongtunbao Ancient Town is in the throat land to the west Yunnan. As an important military location, it had become an important military outpost from the Ming Dynasty.

Stationing troops had left lots of historical relics in this ancient land: Ming southern army weapons processing sites, Ming beacon residual base, and the ancient city walls around Tiantai Mountain…

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