Eating, Drinking and Playing in Tunxi Old Street

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In the Spring Festival, activates can not without eating, drinking and getting together with family and friends. Now, more and more people would like to travel to spend their holidays. 

This Spring Festival holidays, I went to ski in the near neighboring Daming Mountain. Because Daming Mountain is only 70 km away from Anhui, we went to Tunxi Old Street and experienced the old streets of the New Year flavor.

Because it was winter, there were not many people in the street, a little bit deserted. 

A slip road is an antique street. It seems almost pedestrian streets are similar, and the selling antiques is indispensable part. 

The wood carving is very fine.

These buildings are similar with the ones in Fujian.

Dragon & Phoenix

This arch is the main entrance, many people pose for pictures here. 

A favorite of backpackers - Hostel

Passing through a Chinese medicinal herbs shop, looking very historical, everyone was curious to go inside to have a look.

Of course, the most eye-catching is the row of one hundred sub-cabinets.

A personalized signage, even has the Korean annotation

The house of ordinary people deep into the alley

When talking about eating, the snacks in the old street can be considered much enough. We first rushed into this wonton shop. 

This stone wheat cake in the opposite is the most famous, in fact, but I think it is just the ordinary cake, only put two heavy stone on the cake, and said the stone has a hundred years of History.

The wonton is the ok, and the soup is quite fresh. 

We continued to move forward, and then we saw the hot shops we knew on the internet: Wangyitiao wonton, Haozailai biscuits, Laojiediyilou (the No.1 hotel in the old street). First let’s come to see the Haozailai biscuits, which were really crispy in the right size.

The highlights of Wangyitiao wonton is that people can watch the whole process of making wonton. The boss himself performed some acrobatic movements to attract customers. 

But the wonton he made was sold 12 Yuan/bowl, a little bit expensive. 

A variety of snacks in the street

Several streetscapes in the street

Look at this man; I really wanted to ask him whether it was comfortable to do so.

The old man bath in the sun with his grandchildren, the leisurely pace of life

The dog was also like to bath in the sun. Such scene is very common in Lijiang. 

A warm corner of the life

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