Pilgrimage to Yunnan Meili Snow Mountain

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“The First Peak of Yunnan” Meili Snow Mountain is located west of Shengping Town, Deqin county, Diqing, and its main peak is called Kawagebo. There are 13 peaks with the average elevation above 6000 meters, and known as the “Prince of thirteen peaks”, majestic, extremely spectacular. The Kawagebo peak proudly standing on the top of the thirteen peaks, towering, immense spans 6740 meters above sea level, is one of four Tibetan Buddhism Mountains, and is also one of the famous peaks in the world.

Yueying Yinshan (Silver Mountain)

Kawadgarbo is the highest mountain in Yunnan, China, meaning of“white snow-capped mountains” in Tibetan, and commonly known as “snow-capped mountains of God”.

At the first glance of the Meili Snow Mountain, thirteen peaks are like wearing white hadas to meet our group of guests from afar, very spectacular. Panoramic of Meili Snow Mountain, click to enlarge is much better.

The Kawagebo under the prayer flags

Sunset reds the clouds

Unfortunately, the main peak was completely surrounded by thick clouds.

Until the night fell, Kawagebo re-appeared again.

Soon, the moon came out and the stars were no longer bright, so the trails of stars were not obvious.

The next day, it was no so lucky like the day before, the whole Meili Snow Mountain was covered by thick clouds.

white towers

turning the prayer wheel

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