Small and Exquisite Zhujiajiao

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I have a very strong love for ancient town. It was fine this Friday

Zhujiajiao did not let me down but did not bring too many surprises. 

Zhujiajiao also has such black top and white walls houses in a row by the river, very beautiful.

Zhujiajiao is 50 km away from Shanghai city center, seems to have become the back garden of Shanghai people. This scene is really a little taste of Venice of the East. 

There are a total of 36 stone bridges in the town, quaint and elegant, with 9 streets built near the water, such a picture of typical fishing village.

Zhujiajiao is home to nearly 40,000 indigenous inhabitants, which is different from Wuzhen. There is no indigenous inhabitant in Wuzhen, all the town is open to the visitors, so it seems Wuzhen is more in commercial flavor. I saw an old lady was washing cloth by the rive. 

The red lanterns were still there after the Spring Festival. These are the houses visitors can see when walk into the No.1 gate of Zhujiajiao.

I bought the package, which cost RMB 60.

Zhujiajiao was divided into the Southern and North Shore by this Caogang River. I think it should be the north shore of North Street, extension of large and small alley, teahouses, shops and restaurants is everywhere.

What he was doing?

Such cake is very delicious when still hot. 

Two sides of the rives

The antiques by the windows - Zhujiajiao has many small shops, but I’m only interested in the ones selling wood carvings and Teapot. Wood carvings here are quite fine.

Good day, bask the shoes 

I like such slate alley, and it would be much better if there are fewer people. 

These are the trotters.

Aunts were selling goldfish at the bridge, two Yuan for a bag of goldfish; they say the one who buy the fish and then release the fish will have good luck in the future. 

pairs of embroidered shoes

Generally, visitors like to find some interesting things in the small alley. The riverside teahouse is rather attracting, especially in the cold winter. 

Maybe here is the outside of the Zhujiajiao. There are some small hotels for visitors to stay inside the water town, but more hotels in this street.

The package includes the visiting of the humanities museum, which mostly exhibited oil paintings. 

I like to walk in the quiet stone streets early in the morning. Slightly brighter days, I felt good.

the locals’ houses

The balcony hang full of clothes

I envy her leisure life here so much.

All kinds of drink shops

I finally found a deserted corner, and wanted to take a shot here, but nobody help me, what a pity. 

Is it very beautiful?

Another bowl of hot wine

This is the most famous fermented bean curd shop in Zhujiajiao.

One chair, one table, a river, and a period of time… this is the Zhujiajiao

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