Walk Through the Wangyu Ancient Town

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the magic of the years of wangyu ancient town

looked at the child's back shadow was disappearing through the one hundred steps, which leading to the wangyu ancient town. 

exactly speaking, wangyu does not belong to  city; instead, it belongs to ya'an district, more than 100 kilometers north of Chengdu. wangyu ancient town is the originally an important stopover in and out of Chengdu, and is also the producing area of ya'an famous specialty – ya’an fish.

this is the landscape on the right of the over one hundred steps: hanging clothes outside the huts, and bamboo and green grass reveals the breath of life.

the cut bamboo messy piled like this, also stained look after the rain.

the plants on the balcony were still green, but the pots seemed not to be taken care of for a long time.

take a deep breath, full lungs were negative oxygen ions

at the first glance the old town, time seems to pass through to a few decades ago, while the old man who was coming towards integrated mass with decades of years. 

in early spring of march, the western Sichuan was still rather cold, like these stone streets deserted and rarely people. 

it were us, the uninvited guests, added a bit of vitality to the ancient town.

of course, such grocery store certainly can not be seen in the city, if you don’t look at some brands of toothpaste in the store, it is difficult to link here with the twenty-first century.

all the old wooden structures are diaojiao buildings and small gray tiles barracks. houses are all of wood, did not see the sand and walls.

they are the wooden buildings left from the ming and qing dynasties, which seems quite broken in the rainy western Sichuan region. 

there are still some elderly and children living in the town, young people may have disdained to live here. the weight on the back of this elderly makes my heart a little heavy. 

it was damp climate in the rain city, the traces of the years, together with that moss covered every corner, and occupied the dark green the horizons.

the bluestone paved streets and has been tilted beams are silent witness to the History of the ancient town. 

now, we can only use the camera to record again, because i do not know how many years later, the sand of years will bury such seems to be no commercialization of the ancient town! 

strip blue tone roads run through the whole town, so the road has been grinded flat after years of walking.

extinguished fire, can it re-ignite once the glory of the ancient town?

these wooden buildings were once the yamun, bank, pawn shops, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, tea shops and stages, but now most have become houses.

there was no guest in this inn, and the door was locked, but the words on the plaque were very beautiful.

qingshiban inn, you could not see its owners or guests any more, only this flag in the breeze.

the elderly carrying the vegetables and basin hurried off seemed to want to retain something. 

blue flag stone, smoke, and quiet days…

this little girl was eating noodle without caring anybody else. will she be the future of the old town?

disrepair after a long time 

still the mosses

red falling petals

soon, i walked to the end of the less than 500 meters old town. this town is really small, quiet, and old!

walked down along the steps, the town went far gradually…

looked to the sky, it seemed there would be a good day the next day. 

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