Tianmenshan cableway

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Tianmenshan cableway is 7455 m long, and 1279 m height. It is one of the world's longest high mountain cableway, connecting zhangjiajie city center and Tianmenshan sky gardens together in a speed of 6 meters per second. What can you feel in 28 minutes? I can tell you what I had saw on March 10, from the colorful city to the woods of jade trees Hanging Garden. This whole process is very exciting, but relies on luck, and I was very luck this time.

The starting point of Tianmenshan cableway station is in the zhangjiajie city center, and end at the main peak of Tianmenshan, 1518 m above sea level. The starting point has an elevation of 165 meters, and the end point is 1438 meters above sea level. This one thousand meters altitude difference brings you two different worlds.

The cableway passes through over the city, at the foot of which is the bustling streets.

fly over the houses

The cableway extents to the mountains.

pass through a busy train station

Look back the colorful city

A train runs through the cableway 

The cableway rolls across the flat mountains. 

across the villages

across the canyons

Winding winding roads in the mountains, seems do not very steep

Although it is spring, the canyons' winding road has been frozen. The vehicle has been suspended, so cableway is the only channel in the mountains. 

In the not very colorful season, snow decorated the cableway. 

This is the cliff ice scenery.

This picture was shot from the top of the hill, when there was some accident, the cableway stopped, so people were hanging in the valley of the snow and ice. 

The top of the hill was another world.

frozen cable tower 

covered with snow 

the woods of jade trees

There were cheers from the mountain from time to time, simply a paradise on earth.

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