Winter Nanputuo Temple

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Nanputuo Temple is the first stop in my trip. Nanputuo Temple is located on the southwest of Xiamen Island. It is surrounded by the graceful sea and the Wulao Peaks behind the temple. The Wulao Peaks is a small mountain range that rises on the island. It enjoys a very high reputation for its picturesque view of Xiamen and the surrounding district of Haicang, Gulangyu and Zhangzhou Prefecture Level City. Nanputuo Temple has many deep caves and verdant woods. Nanputuo Temple is adjacent to Xiamen University and Lu River.

It is worth mentioning that the admission of so magnificent temple is free of charge, at the same time visitors can receive free incense at the temple gate, so it is very popular.

Every time before the trip, I will have a similar mood, that is the unlimited freshness and happiness to what’s about to happened and what is about to see things and sense of unknown.

The main hall in front of Nanputuo Temple is the Hall of Heavenly Kings, two elephants, two lions, different from other temples.

A moment's stay

In front of Heavenly King Hall, a sweet old lady was talking to a monk, telling of the pain and joy of life.

The Washou tower on both sides of the released pond

Warm sun dipped there, giving a mystery of the Nanputuo Templ.

Buddhist advocate doing good

All the gods gathered here

Where there is heart, there is the Buddha.

Bathing in the peace of the Buddha, the evolution of the irritable mind

With the power of the Buddha, his inner will be firmer

All minds: fortune, good and bad, right and wrong is under the manipulation of the individual minds, the responsible for the causal, which is the eternal truth.

Shoot all the gods, not offended, because in I myself a devout Buddhist

Panorama of Nanputuo Temple, mountain with water

South Putuo Temple is a typical Taiwanese Buddhist temple, most are overlapping octagonal cornices and elegant, richly ornamented, posture million, this is the sermon hall which has not yet been rehabilitated.

devout pilgrims

The foot eaves of incinerator, people pray for peace here.

Temple’s red tile green eaves, in sun with bright colors, and more a sort of graceful and lively

A constant stream of pilgrims to and from here, sincerely Buddhas, and compassion.

Eaves Dragon streamers are vivid and rich colors

Happy children and happy pigeons in front of Nanputuo Temple, visitors can go to buy foodstuffs to feed pigeon.

Climb up the stairs, walk through the rocks

Backyard of the temple, the warm winter sun slant in the window

Large gold Buddha characters, the momentum of the mighty, majestic and powerful.

Strong trunk

Cliff stone

The hill is not too high, so it is very fast to get up to the top of the hill, look at the scenery, most of Xiamen University.

How to get there?
Take the No.45, 87,1, 18, 29, 47 Road to reach the city.

Start from Railway Station:
Buses: No.96, a distance of about 6.9 km

Start from Gulangyuing:
First take a boat to the ferry station of Xiamen City, get off and walk over 100 m to the Nanputuo Temple.

Starting from the Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport:
Take the 37 road to the train station on the left 200 meters of the airport bus station, and then sit a road to the gate of Xiamen University.

Xiamen Travel Guide:

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