Mysterious Tibetan and Qiang corridors, healthy specialty cuisine

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It is said that nation is the world. You may not understand their language, or their History, but you must get to know little about their food, accommodation and beliefs. If you don’t walk into their villages, not to live a few days in the stockade, only get to know from a few pieces of ethnic dance and song on TV, and then your idea of the nation can be regard to be very limited. 

This trip was hasty but enrich. I visited the Bipeng Valley, Taoping Qiang stockade, Guer Valley. The whole trip was hasty and full of beautiful scenery and gourmet. The Tibetan and Qiang Cultural corridor start from Aba Li County Taoping Qiang Village extend to Barkam County zhuokeji toast stockade, about 150 km along, with the residents of Tibetan and Qiang, snow-capped mountains everywhere, allowing visitors walking while resting, whether by car or travel with the group people would not have the fatigue of the journey but enrich happy. 

Weekend two-day trip reference itinerary: 
D1: Start from Sichuan (Chongqing) to Taoping (seeing magical Qiang Village) - Li County (seeing the wild peach along the trip, and there will be hail in summer time to time) - Muka Qiang Village (rural scenery, eat fruits) – Qudi Tibetan village eat Tibetan hot pot - Guer ditch hot spring.
D2: Bipenggou Valley (seeing the azalea bush in spring, seeking the cool in summer, seeing the red leaves in autumn tour, and seeing snow-capped mountains in winter) --- Ganbao Tibetan village, (eating a special buckwheat noodles. 

So, just follow me and take a look at it, first from my D1 tour. 

Taoping Qiang Village(new village after the earthquake):the holy land of ancient Qiang and the homes of Erma.

Qiang's most famous artifacts are: Qiang Embroidery, Yunyun shoes, insoles, Spice bags, sewing kit… The following figures are embroidered mother of all ages.

Taoping Qiang Village has been listed as national heritage conservation units. The most attractive is the towers castle houses, these tough quaint houses were built with soil and chip stones, without drawing, without hanging wire, as well as without scaffolding. It is regarded as the mysterious Orient castle by Chinese and foreign scholars.

This is one of the highlights of Qiang Village: Chen Family Castle (Chen Jiabao). This is a house and a courtyard combining the blockhouse and the tower.

The second floor of the house, the owner and the elderly were leisurely chatting with each other.

The scenery viewed from the window of the tower

After visiting the village, we had dinner in a house, there were streaky bacon, farm sausage, shredded meat, black walnut flower, wild mushroom, stone bean curd, pickled cabbage, potatoes jelly (especially recommended), boiled potatoes, fern… and they were really tasty!

On the way, there was the old Muka Qiang Village which has been half damaged by the earthquake. In fact, it is the most worth visiting with traces of History, but because of the time, we gave up to visit there. 

The ones who are careful enough will notice that every house in the village has a sign of a sheep's head, do you know why, because Qiang people regarded sheep as the auspicious objects, and sheep are closely related with their lives. 

Overlook Qiang village 

Why do I say the ones who love eating goods must like Muka Qiang Village? Look at the following figures, when in the fruit ripening June, Muka in the harvest scene, visitors can eat whatever they like when live in farm, they can eat their fill! See if you can recognize how many kinds of fruit? 

Qudi Tibetan village: there are the most authentic Tibetan hot pot, the most enthusiastic villagers, and is regarded as the “back garden” of Guer ditch hot spring and campground of the climbers. 

We had our luxury Tibetan hot pot and authentic Tibetan buns in such a luxury living room. Just look at the picture, do not drool! 

Tibetan buns

Tibetan hot pot

This Tibetan hot pot is enough for 6-8 people to eat, matched with Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan and Qiang salad of wild herbs and barley wine, really good, delicious!


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