Experience the Exotic World in Shenzhen

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location: Window of the World , Shenzhen, guangdong

unless experienced yourself, you will not believe you can experience the exotic locations of the six continents in the world in just only one place, but Shenzhen window of the world theme park create such a miracle. here, people can experience the rich asian atmosphere created by the rivers and lakes in southeast asia, people can also be felt africa's ancient civilizations which is on behalf of thousands of miles away the mysterious pyramid, or even experience the monsoon of the aegean, the mediterranean sun and the magnificent poem of renaissance europe. 

window of the world is not only the innovation of development of tourism, and is also a large gathering of world culture, window of the world is all over the world.

window of the world is china's famous microfilm of scenic spots, located in Shenzhen bay, in order to promote world culture. it is a man-made theme park gathering the world wonders, historical sites, ancient and modern attractions, folk dance performances. the attractions in the park are built in imitation of freedom in different proportions.

window of the world is located in the oct large-scale cultural tourist attraction in nanshan district, Shenzhen, guangdong province, china, and is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Shenzhen. 

according to the world's geographical structure and the content of activities, the scenic spots can be divided into the world square, asia region, oceania region, europe region, africa region, americas region, modern technology and entertainment district, the world's sculpture garden, and international street nine scenic spots, with 130 attractions in the scenic spot. 

world square: there are totally 108 pillars, 1680 square meters of wall relief symbol the world civilization, six gates standing for different cultures and panoramic view of the global stage in the world plaza, majestic, solemn and dignified.

international street: international street is mainly the europe, asia, the islamic residential architectural style, gathering churches, markets, and streets, and is a good place for visitors to rest and shopping. walk into the international street, visitors will feel like being in the exotic romantic township of europe, asia, and islamic, everywhere filled with ancient and distant exotic. 

asian region: asia, the beautiful and mysterious orient, showing brilliant pictures in the limited area. japan's imperial palace - katsura imperial villa interpret royal luxury. the traditional tea ceremony and flower arranging show the charm of the old hibiscus. the magnificent shwedagon pagoda, yangon, myanmar displays the rise and fall of dynasties. india, a country filled with stories, moduohala holy well wash people’s dust of the soul; taj mahal show people the swan song of love, wonders of the world.

european region:llooking at europe, thing of the past of the renaissance is all over the field of vision. monsoon of the aegean and the mediterranean sun woven into the europa symphony; the eiffel tower and arc de triomphe witnessed the vicissitudes of History. the palace garden is next to a collection of classic architecture from different historical periods in europe. paris spring shopping mall, roman holiday plaza, neptune fountain square and caesar palace show the continental scene which is full of cultural atmosphere.

africa region: egypt - the ancient civilization fed by the nile water. pyramid, the crystallization of human wisdom; sphinx statue serene guard this wonderful earth, leaving the ancient mystery…

americas region: the sound of water of the niagara falls draws people’s attention to the americas mixing with modern civilization and the ancient culture. mexican warrior dignified and in rapt attention, while the holy soul in the brazil monte cristo guard the beings day and night. u.s. capitol, the white house, washington monument, let you touch the essence of the united states; tall buildings of manhattan, new york reflect the glory of modern civilization. 

oceania region: across the blue waters to meet the magic of the australian continent. bath in the one hundred meters’ fountain, the sydney opera house is on the coast; the kangaroo shadows in the mountains, the ayers color stone blurred changes its color; loud drums sounded the maori nation celebrating life, sonorous dance declare the a lifetimes desire for freedom. 

world sculpture park: sculpture garden is nestled in the shade leaves, lush lychee forest in the garden and the nearly a hundred of famous statues from five continents create the elegant environment of art galleries. from rodin's hand of god to michelangelo's slaves, from the younger sister of napoleon to the mysterious sanxingdui bronze, showing the wisdom and the aesthetic taste of the different ethnic groups.

international street commercial area is mainly europe, asia, and the islamic architectural style residential areas, gathering churches, markets, streets in a place for visitors to rest and shopping. here you can enjoy the feast of different flavors of france, italy, austria, russia, japan, thailand, south korea, and german beer, hawaii ice cream. also brings together the world delicate handicrafts, souvenirs, silver, and for tourists to buy. when night fell, the scenic spot show another fascinating exotic. world ethnic dance and folk show “carnival night” art parade, making a climax of the scenic garden.

Shenzhen Travel Guide: http://www.tourdechina.cn/ChinaGuide/Shenzhen/

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