The Nation Shaved With Sickle

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Congjiang County is a beautiful ethnic enclave located in southeast area of Guizhou Province, which mountain area living with a group of very special minority - Biasha Miao nationality. 

Drive about 8 km from the western mountainous areas of Congjiang County then came to the Biasha Miao nationality tribes, because the mountain road is too difficult to walk, this the 8-km section of road even took for nearly an hour. 

Look from a distance, Biasha Miao nationality village is actually somewhat similar to the mountain villas.

The beautiful Biasha Miao girl introduced the history and social life of the Biasha nationality with standard Mandarin and rich knowledge of folk to the visitors.

Most of Biasha Miao nationality girls are ingenuity. Most clothes they wear are made by the two hands of the girls. 

Biasha clothing fabrics are all basically hand-made and dyeing. When the day is good, women like to weave while chatting together.

When seeing these huge wooden stands, I thought they are the fabrics used for drying after bleaching and dyeing, only when the instructors explain learned that tall wooden originally used for drying rice.

Biasha's wedding scene is very lively, and these girls wear costumes, singing and dancing. 

The girls dress look very “modern”: a variety of today seems quite fashionable elements cleverly mix together.

The fabric of the girls leggings are the Biasha Miao nationality-made and dyed homespun. 

The bride's hair comb fine, silver on the head is the most typical ornaments of the nation.

At the same time, the men danced energetic hip knife dance. 

Biasha Miao nationality is currently the only minority allowed to wear guns, so their dance can not be separated from the guns.

After celebrate firing, the stockade elders shaved for the groom – what’s surprising is that the barber's tool is the important cultivated crops sickle. 

Elders first wash hair for the groom, then began to shave.

The groom's hairs neatly fall to the ground.

The hair was quickly shaved cleanly by the sharp sickle, only left the middle part intentionally retained. 

Teenagers in the Biasha Miao nationality are also allowed to use the gun. Even the children pick up shotgun like the adults.

Some little girls

At present, Biasha Miao people still live a hard life, but the development of the tourism industry has gradually leaded them to a rich life - this family started their business in order to increase income. 

This is a restaurant in the stockade, looks pretty good taste. Guizhou southeast area is one of the best preserved of the natural environment in China, where the forest coverage rate is more than 75%. But the residents here are still poor, and I hope they can live a rich life as the people in the eastern part of China. 

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