Fragrant Alishan High Mountain Oolong Tea

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The beautiful Alishan, undulating hills and green peaks, like a painting, and abound in Taiwan Alishan high mountain tea. 

On this mountain, tea plantations everywhere, which just like blocks of green downy carpets

It is said that the tea grow on too high or too low altitude is not very good, only at the altitude of 1000 --- 1500 m height can output high quality oolong tea.

Only at this altitude, with most suitable temperature, sunshine, humidity, for the growth of Alishan tea, especially in the afternoon, cloud steaming fog, tea moisture, then high-quality tea came into being. 

At that time, it was the tea-producing season, females who picking tea like the fairies, light and agile picking tea leaves. 

Tea plantation scenery

The presidential campaign ads of Ma Ying-jeou 

Tea plantation scenery

Visitors from the mainland went to the tea factory were waiting to see and taste the famous Alishan high mountain tea. 

The girls began to do the preparatory work, to show us tea.

They made “Dong Ding Oolong, Four Seasons Oolong and senior Oolong for us.

Suddenly, the whole house was full of sweet smell. Take a look at the tea, it was clear, light yellow color; drink it, soft fragrance, refreshing. Alishan oolong is really worthy of tea!

The Tea specialist was doing the demonstration, to let us experience the joy of tea.

The tour guide said, every year there is Alishan tea competition held in Taiwan, and the good Oolong tea won the Gold Award was basically bought by the people from the mainland of the top in high price. 

The tea made in this factory is good, per box between 4000 --- 6000 NT, buy one get one free, affordable.

Bid farewell to the tea factory, marching to the Alishan scenic area. 

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