Qufu – The Birth Place of Famous Philosopher Confucius

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There is every reason to visit the Qufu, the birth place of world famous Chinese philosopher Confucius. Dating back to 2,500 years of history, Qufu is a historically important town situated in the province of Shandong. It is believed the descendants of Confucius ruled the country for many centuries and today the birth of place of Confucius is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is considered as the birth place of mystical Yellow Emperor! Confucius cult had dominated in many dynasties and tourist can find so many ancient scripts and sculptors praising Confucius and his thoughts. The temples are decorated with archeological reminiscences that adore various dynasties and Confucius!

Plan your trip meticulously unless if you don’t have enough time

Since the place is historically important, you shall be prepared to spend enough time to know and explore the details. A well detailed guide book will help you to mark important places to visit and plan your trip accordingly. Temple of Confucius, Cemetery of Confucius, Kong Family Mansion, Temple of Yan Hui, Temple of Duke Zhou, and Tomb of Shaohao are the important places you should not miss to visit. There will be an entry fee of CNY 30 to 80 will be levied per head for visiting each sites. All these places are full of archeological importance and scripts written in Chinese, Mongol, Manchu and other dialects.

Explore sculptural ensembles of Ming and Qing dynasties

It will be a fascinating experience to visit the tomb of the great philosopher Confucius! It could be unbelievable that you’re visiting a tomb of a person who lived 2,500 years ago. This area is known as Kong Lin or "Confucius Forest" where the cemetery of Confucius and more than 70 plus of his generations are buried. Tourist can find lot of sculptural ensembles of Ming and Qing dynasties.

The second largest holy complex in China

The house of Confucius was converted as a temple by the then Prince of Lun in BC 205. It is believed that Han Dynasty Emperor Liu Bang started the sacrifices memory offer for Confucius in Qufu. There after it continues like a ritual and followed by other emperors and common people. Almost all such visits of the emperors are inscribed in the tomb and placed sculptors as a memorabilia. The temple is the largest holy complex in China after the Forbidden City and has an area of 16,000 Square meters.

Take easy route to reach Qufu

Travelling to Qufu is relatively easy as there are plenty of travel arrangements to reach this magnificent location. Tourist can select bus, train or air travel facilities depending on their budget. Flights are available to Jining Qufu Airport the nearest air port to Qufu from all major airports. The main railway track of Beijing-Shanghai is passing through Qufu. The Qufu East Railway Station is connected with the High Speed Rail net work, which makes the commutation much easier. Express and High Speed Railway ticket cost little more than the ordinary passenger coaches. Passenger coaches are passing through Yanzhou, which is 15 KM away from Qufu. With High Speed railway service, Beijing to Qufu can be covered in 2 hour time and Shanghai to Qufu can be covered by 3 hours. Bus services are very common. Every one hour there buses leaving for Qufu from Jinan. The bus service can take you the central city of Qufu.

Great food and comfortable stay make you happy stay at Qufu. Apart from Confucius cemetery and related sites, there are other extremely important historical places are also there to be seen!

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