Baiyangdian Lake would be a rejoicing tourist experience

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Lakes, river beds and surrounding areas are always considered as the citadel of human civilization. Baiyangdian Lake is no exemption to this notion. This lake is the largest fresh water lake in situated in the Hebei province in China. It is a cluster of small and large lakes formed together, divided with reed mashes and water channels. The lake is spread over 366 square kilometers. There are hundreds of minor shallow lakes attached to this lake and the largest is the Baiyangdian Lake. Entire cluster is known in the name of Baiyangdian Lake. Baoding city in the Anxin County is the home to this lake.

Baiyangdian is adorned with 4A grade

China National Tourism Administration has classified Baiyangdian Lake with 4A grade. This gives a real reason why this lake is given the highest tourism rating. There are lots of botanical and zoological species which are very rare that a tourist can see in this lake and surrounding areas. The lake is famous for lotus gardens. This is a haven for marine species. There are more than 50 species of fishes, you can watch here. Also, different varieties of birds, wild geese and ducks are added up the enthusiasm of any tourists.

Emotional attachments:

Baiyangdian Lake is a historically important place with emotional attachments. Great warriors had laid down their precious life to protect the integrity and pride of the country that fought fierce guerilla war against the invading Japanese army and rooted them out.

Seasonal beauty, always at its peak:

Tourists can involve in to experience the natural seasonal beauty of the lake. During springs the reeds will be seen in full lush green surprise. Summer will open the Pandora boxes of Lotus flowering with full of lotus fragrances. The autumn will be a busy season as reed catkins wafts will lay like a carpet over the lake. There will be lot of ducks as well was fishermen busy in fishing. During winter, it is like an ice floor. This gives an ultimate option of various types of seasonal tourist engagements. Some of the must see locations are the Mandarin Duck Island, Lotus Flower Dian, Folk Island and Nine Dragon pool etc.

Reaching to Baiyangdian Lake:

Reaching to Baiyangdian Lake is very easy. Thanks to Chinese government's conscious efforts to improve the travel net works of air, rail, road and water ways. Railway journey from Being or Shijiazhuang to Baoding will take one and half hours. From Baoding Railway Terminal, Bus No. 1 will take you to the city Boading. From Boading Bus Terminal to Anxin County is a ride of one hour. The Xiong County bus stop is very close to the Baiyangdian Lake destination. From this bus stop tourist can go to Guolikou village which is the central village of Baiyangdian lake area. Direct buses are also available from Beijing.

Let us have a snippet in to the various entry fees:

The lake will be opened from 08:00 am to 18:00 pm. Admission is allowed against an entry free of CNY 40. Other attractive locations nearby area could also be included in your leisure trip. Entry to all these places restricted by nominal entry fees. Yuanfei Lotus Garden and Fisherman’s Fairyland will cost CNY 20 per person. Exotic Flavor Garden and Leisure Island and Mandarin Duck Island will cost CNY 40 per head. Baiyangdian Grand View Garden will cost about CNY 50 per head. Wetland Reserve will be cost you CNY 30 per hear. The ideal season to visit the area is May to September. So plan your trip accordingly and enjoy a wonder tip to Baiyangdian Lake.

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