Red Sea Beach Panjin – One its Kind in the World with No Matching

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Red sea beach is yet another landscape wonder in China, located Panjin, in Dawa County of Liaoning province. Liaohe River Delta is the home for this wonder world of weeds. Tourists need to drive 30 kilometer south west to Panjin city to reach this magnificent location. Sea weeds or also called as Sea Blite plants grow abundantly in the salty alkaline soil, remain green during April to May and turn to red during autumn. The dense color change gives a red carpet like took to the beach. The plant is from the family of Chenopodiaceae is a paraphyletic and is called as Suaeda salsa. The special character of Suaeda is that it can grow in a highly salty alkaline soil. The plant starts to grow in green during summer and turn in to red and deep red by autumn. The vast area of wetland looks like a red carpet rolled out to welcome the tourists is a spectacular view.

It is unusual at Panjin

The sea blite plants are seen in other parts of the country too but you will never find the rigorous color change of these plants that is happening in this part of China. The beach is spread over 100 square kilometers. The red beach area is a habitant place for various types of birds, out of which some are considered as protected species. It could be noted that there are 236 different kinds of birds one can watch from here. The very rare, nearly extinct species such as black-mount gulls and red crowned cranes can also be seen here. Because this place is a habitant of rare species of birds and protected species of birds, this area is declared as a protected area and tourists are not allowed to all locations. Some of the designated locations are only opened for tourists. During tide, just watching the haulms of the plants protruded over the water level is a beautiful experience. During the neap tide, the entire area becomes shining red in color again!

Stay with the best season to visit Panjin and plan your trip wisely

The best season to visit Panjin is September. During spring and autumn the temperature will be moderately high. Apart from the red beach, Dingxiang Ecology resort and Liaohe Beilin are also having tourism importance. Well connected road and rail way net works make the proximity to Panjin very easy. Shenyang is the nearest city one can hope to Panjin, which is 155 kilometers from the city. Next nearby city is Dalian which is 302 kilometer away from Panjin. Regular bus services are available from Shenyang every half an hour. Tourists can also board from Anshan. From Anshan regular bus services are available every one hour. If you are opting for railway journey, then you can board Guobangzi-Shanhaiguan train and drop at Panjin city. The site is opened from 08:30am to 17:00 pm. It would be ideal to plan a full day to explore the full potential of this spectacular landscape.

Baffling and beyond imagination

The beach is contrary to the expectation of any beach loving tourists. The blends of rare birds with deep red colored texture of beach are an incredible experience beyond the imagination and hold you baffling. The state has taken all precaution to protect wet land from getting contaminated. A tour to this beautiful landscape will certainly leave you spell bound. No words would be enough to compliment your experience!

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