Lugu Lake – A Stunning Pearl That Shines Among All Hills

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Lugu Lake is situated in Yunnan Plateau, specifically at its north west. It lies nearly one hundred twenty four miles from core area of the Lijiang city. Lugu Lake appears as a stunning pearl that shines among all hills in northwest Yunnan plateau. The shape of the lake is that of horse hoof. It is long from the northern side to its south and narrower to west. There are constant changes in its vista all through the day. This lake is expected to form by geological fault that belongs to age of Late Cenozoic. It is recognized as the highest one in entire Yunnan province. It is surrounded by several mountains. Lugu Lake has four peninsulas, five islands, seventeen beaches and fourteen bays. At elevation of eight thousand feet, Lugu Lake is alpine one.

The shores of Lugu Lake are inhibited by several minority tribal groups like Tibetan, Mosuo, Pumi and Yi. This lake is also known by the name ‘Mother Lake’. It is popular in travel pamphlets of China as area of ‘Amazons’, ‘Home of the Matriarchal tribe’ and ‘The Kingdome of Women’. Lion Mountain surrounds Lugu Lake and is devoted as Goddess Gammo.

The main storage of Lugu Lake is from the rainfall and has water with turquoise blue shade. It is in fact second deepest lake in land of China with average depth and maximum depth of forty five and ninety three metres respectively. Lugu Lake is bordered on either side by partially forested slopes and steep mountains. Geologically, this lake is assumed as a young fault lake. Its water is much inviting and clean with lot of fishes swimming. The fresh air and dense forest around offers a pleasant weather always. Its natural beauty is perfectly retained even though the place is little tainted because of modern industry. It is very comfortable to be here in almost all seasons, but best season to visit Lugu Lake is summer as well as spring.

Restricted and regulated entry against fee

Entry of the lake is restricted with entry free CNY 100 per head. Students will be charged CNY 80 per head. Certain entrances are having reduced permit fee that amounts to eighty Chinese Yen. In case of students, they need to pay only fifty percent of actual rate in some locations. Students must produce their photo ID in English as a proof. On paying the fee, a ticket will be offered. The other items provided are a disc and small fake passport that contains essential information on areas in two languages – English as well as Chinese.

Walking Marriage Bridge around Lugu Lake

Fleet of buses will take you to the location easily

There are lot of fleet buses and vans available from Xichangsouth Sichuan, Yunnan and Lijiang. To get around the Lugu Lake, there aren’t any public buses. The one and only one option is to hire incredibly costly taxis or Chinese tuktuks which are cars with three wheels. Another pleasant ways are biking and walking around Lugu Lake. Electric scooters are also available for rent at a rate of hundred Chinese Yen to explore round this famous lake. One can visit the islands by boat. 

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