Heixiazi Island – the disputed land converted in to a pleasure land!

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Heixiazi Island is formed out of the deposits of sediments dumped on the converging point of River Ussuri and Amur River. This sediment island is under the control of Russia and People's Republic of China. The total area of the island is approximately 327 to 350 square kilometer. Under a joint agreement between China and Russia in 2010, both are decided to develop the island as eco-tourism zone. Prior to this in 2008 both countries started their boundary marking works. It was a disputed territory between China and Russia until 2004. The Russian's called it as Bolshoy Ussuriyaskiy Island and Chinese called it as Heixiazi Island. After the historic agreement, half of the Island belongs to China and other half belongs to Russia.

If there is a will there is a way!
After the border marking was completed in October 14, 2008 about 171 square kilometer of land and surrounding water area was assigned as the official territory of China. The agreement further ratified the common shared border of 4,300 kilometer between China and Russia. With lot of continued negotiation for 40 years and with lots of compromises by both parties a peaceful resolution was reached. This is a glittering example, how a peaceful resolution of disputes between countries can be made possible.

Joint projects:
Emphasis on eco tourism is given top priority when both countries started their tourism projects as laid down in the joint agreement. As per the agreement seventy five percentage of island is earmarked as wetland development and the remaining area will be developed as commercial tourist activities. To accelerate the development plans new railway lines connecting with mainland China and bridges are all under construction. These entire projects are under the joint supervision of China and Russia and opened for the public.

Cross border tourism:
The project development works started in 2010 and still under progress. On the Chinese part they have already started creating travel routes. Partial accommodation arrangements are already been finished. Some of the beautiful, scenery locations are opened for the public. The vision is to bring the island in to one of the best tourist destination in the world within the next ten years. The potential to develop cross border tourism between China and Russia is beyond comprehension.

Old Russian Military Camp:
The first official tour was opened in July 20, 2011. There were a group of 150 tourist from China and Russia took part in the first official tour to mark the opening of the friendship agreement for peace and tranquility between China and Russia. The lush green meadows and virgin vegetation is a natural treat one should not miss in their life. The trial tour program was a six hour ship tour consisting of Chinese and Russian tourists. The primary attraction in this area is the Old Russian military camp which is not in use and also the treaty venue of Sino-Russian agreement.

Impossible is made possible:

Promotion and development of the area in to a joint tourist spot is very much active. China has already started its pilot projects. The Russians are yet to start their operation. However the Russian side has already announced its plan to pump 687 million US Dollar to develop the area in to an international recreation center. The plan is inclusive of construction of star hotel facilities, water theme park and residences for the tourists. The ongoing projects are clear indication of human will power, co-operation and the finest example how countries can make things possible from where it was considered as impossible!

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