Pudacuo National Park – Beautiful Bio Diverse National Park

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Pudacuo National Park is the first bio diverse national park in China which has met the International Union of Conservation of Nature standards. The park was opened officially on June 25, 2007 sprawled over 1.300 square kilometers located in Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province in the People's Republic of China. The flora and fauna of Pudacuo includes more than 100 of endangered species living in the thick mountains forests and lakes. More than 20% of plant species of China is estimated in this region. And also about one third of animals and birds are habitat in this location. You can see lot of black necked cranes here which is considered as an endangered species. The anticancer drug medicine paclitaxel is extracted from coniferous tree known as Himalayan Yew can be seen in this location.


Walk through the skyways:

Tourist can reach to the park from Zhongdian by a 50 minute drive. Bita Lake Nature Reserve and Duhu Scenic Area located in Hongshan region is part of the park. The park has two lakes, lot of minority villages, a visitor center, dense green forest and paster views. The park bus takes the tourists from the visitor center to the first stop over, which is 13 kilometer away from Zhongdian. At this stop point there are wooden skyways surrounding the Shudu Lake. The lake is about 300 acres.

Relax at Bita Hai Lake:

The next stop is Bita Hai Lake. This lake is 3,500 meter above the sea level. Shudu Lake is surrounded by deciduous dense forests is the main attraction of this area. Tourist can take boat ride in the lake. The boat ride will cost you CNY30 per head. The distance from the boat disembarking point and bus pick up point is 1.5 kilometer approximately. Tourist can take the option of hiking by walking all the way to the South entrance which is 1.9 Kilometer and go out from the part through the west entrance. Ferry and boat ride is required to reach to West entrance. Horse ride is also available here. The entire hiking will take 4 to 6 hours.

On the way to the park, you will be enchanted with beautiful sceneries, wildflowers, heard of Yaks and ponies, Alpine lakes, fall foliage, Mountain vistas etc., etc. The tourist bus will stop at various viewpoints which will help the tourist to get down and enjoy the beauty of landscape, wild animals and wildflowers. It is better to plan in such a way to spend a whole day for your leisure trip to the wonderful world of fantasies. Also carry rain jacket or umbrella to protect you from the unusual rain and sunlight. Keeping sunscreen and hat also will help to face the sudden climate changes.

Park timings:

The park will be opened to the public from 8:00 am in the morning to 16:00 in the evening during November to March and 8:00 am to 17:00 pm during April to October. Entry for the park is CNY 138 per her head and CNY 120 per head for bus fare. The most favorable time to visit the part is during summer and autumn.

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