Mengla Tropical Rain Forest – Rich and Lavish Natural Beauty!

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Mengla Tropical Rain Forest is situated in Xishuangbanna, Mengla County which is lay close to the south point of Southwest part of China. It has borders surrounded by Laos at south, southwest and east and Myanmar at western side. The climate is rainy, hot and humid. The climate is modulated with the great influence of Indian Ocean monsoon in the south and protected from the cold waves by mountain in the east and west side. Comparatively heavy rain fall of 1,200mm to 2,000mm is recorded here. Because of the good climate, it is a favorable location for rain forest. You can see lot of plants and tree growing here.

The forest is also known as "Kingdom of Plants". You can see various species of plants, huge Banyan trees, extremely tall trees and plants with large size of trees in Xishuangbanna. The rain forest is full of beautiful sceneries. Abundant presence of water and land is helpful in developing tourism and commercial activities in this area. Since the area is laying close to Myanmar and Laos borders, the area is important location for cross border trading.

Use the skyway:
The ethnic villages of Local Dai are very close to the city and are an unexplored location for commercial tourism. It will be a rich experience if you can visit the New Bupan Aerial Skyway Park. Using the skyway, tourist can walk through the roof of the key rain forest. With the support of cable rope, you can climb on the higher branches of Paraforestea which is a tall straight trunked tree. Lots of efforts are applied to maintain the park clean and neat. It would be a fantastic experience visiting the virgin rain forest.

The "First Village of China", Guanlei Pier is developed near the banks of Lancing River is just 21 kilometer from the border of Myanmar and Laos. Another important land access is Mohan National Port which is also known as "Mao Zedong Road" from south East Asian countries to China. The natural sceneries at Sanchahe Forest part of Mengla Tropical Rain Forest will be an unforgettable experience. While taking the sky way you can see lots of monkeys, peacocks and elephants. A nest type of villa is constructed in the forest to help tourist take rest and relax.

Watch with dismay:
The rain forest is having more than 500 different species of birds and animals. This is a natural zoo and natural habitat for lot of animals one can see in one single spot. Tourist can see golden hair monkey, slow lories, tigers, leopards, born bills, peacocks, wild elephants, wild oxen, big potted civet cats etc., etc.


Bus and plane services are available for reaching to Mengla from Kunming. It is about 832 kilometer from Kunming. From Jinghong tourists can have regular buses to Mengla which will take 2.5 to 3 hours journey. Tourist from Laos, this is the best route. For visa facilitation services, it will take about one hour to complete the formalities.

The most unforgettable experience is walking through the sky way in Sancha He Forest Park in the Mengla Rain Forest area. One kilometer of the area is connected to give you the magnificent view of the forest and connect you with the "skygazing trees".

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