Bome County and Peach Blossom

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Bome County is a beautiful trekking destination located in Tibet. This is situated in the Nyingchi Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region. This picturesque landscape with virgin forest and flowering meadows is having an area of 16,578 square kilometers. You can reach to this beautiful location by travelling 636 kilometer south east part of Tiber from Lhasa. With blessed climate, Bome County is the heart land for grain production of Tibet. Wheat, barley and rape are the main produce. One of the higher altitude gardens of the world is situated here. This garden is having an area of about 133 hectors.

Part of Himalayan terrain:

This Himalayan region county is having Himalaya as its boundary in one side and Mount Nyainqentanglha on the other side. The County is connected with Highway No. 103 and 83 though the travel shall be very much challenging due to the extreme climatic conditions. Tourists can also negotiate through Highway No. 318 from Lhasa. It will take 636 kilometer to cover the distance. It you prepare your travel plan from Bayi, it will take 360 kilometers. The County is having Basu County on the west and Chayu, Nyingchi and Motuo counties as its borders on the south side. On the northern side, we can see Bianba and Luolong Counties as its borders.

Transport services:

The nearest Airports are Chamdo Bangda and Nyingchi which are 360 and 200 kilometer from Bome respectively. The landscape is full of peaks and gorges make it one of the toughest terrains to negotiate. Because, the County is situated in a high altitude location, extreme climate adds the peril. Average altitude is about 4,200 meter from the sea level.

The tough terrain and unfriendly climate makes Bome as a risky section of Tibet - Schuan road which is part of historical Great Shangri-La and Tea-Horse road. Very few public transport services are operated in this part of the County. Tourist need to depend of hiring taxi or share cross country van to reach Bome County. The ticket fare is CNY 150 per head.


Bome is having two types of climates, in the lower part of the plateau which is between 2,700-4,000 having warm and sub humid climate. The climate shall be having variations during Indian Ocean southwest monsoon. Altitude about 4,000 shall be having extreme cold climate. The sunshine will be minimal. It is estimated that an average 1,563 hours sunshine and 176 frost - free days are recorded in Bome, which can speaks in volume about the extreme climatic conditions. During January the temperature will run down to minus degree. The average temperature is calculated as 8.5 degree Celsius.

The Peach Blossom season:

The famous tourist attraction of Bome County is Peach Blossom which happens in March. Tourists will folk in to this county from all over the world as well as the local Chinese to watch the beautiful moment presented by the nature. The county is known as the World of Peach Blossoms. It is one of the awesome seen watching the peach blossom on the back drop of snow caped mountain peaks, magnificent glaciers, great rivers and holy lakes. The areas are 2,700 meters above sea level. There are two main rivers, Palongzhangbu and Yigongzhangbu flow through this County and converge at Tongmai and from here flow as Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon. People who are looking for tough tourism, this is indeed one of the best place to travel.

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