Yin Lingshan – a Major Buddha Cultural Center

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Yin Lingshan has become a favourite tourist spot for various reasons. Lingshan Buddha is a major factor. It is located approximately 25 kilometers from the downtown region of Wuxi city. The Lingshan Sakyamuni Buddha is also known as Lingshan Dafo. It solemnly stands at well known Xiangfu Temple constructed during the period of Tang dynasty. This temple was destroyed because of many wars that happened in olden days. The huge statue of great Buddha has attracted millions of Buddhists from China as well as foreign nations. Having Lingshan at the backdrop, this Buddha statue is having a height of eight meters. It is recognized as the highest statue of Buddha in bronze across the globe. This icon is about two hundred and fifty feet long. The whole statue is made using two metals such as copper and tin. The weight of statue is more than seven hundred tons.

Very much spiritual

The statue is actually in Maji Mountain region. It is a well renowned attraction in Chinese tourism. The Lingshan Grand Buddha is in small Lingshan that is named by well known Great Monk in Tang dynasty, Xuanzang. It is pleasing to all visitors, widely looking at every living creature in this world. It offers good wishes to entire world, welfare and peace. It has become a spot of national and international significance. In the left side of the statue, there is Shiwuwei seal which is believed to lower the amount of sufferings across the globe. In the right side, there is Yuyuan seal that offers happiness. On chest of Buddha, there are certain characters which represent virtue as well as solemnity. This Buddha statue attracts many people. The Taihu Lake near the statue, an attractive collection of hills, and more mesmerizes visitors to Yin Lingshan. It is reported that most of people visiting this place is from Japan, Hong Kong, etc. These people have even contributed money for the construction of this place to a more attractive one.

In the spring festival, lot of visitors are coming to Yin Lingshan from different parts of the world for listening the great tolling of bell as they believe that it brings the good luck always. This bell is at height of three and half meters and has a weight of twelve tons. It is the largest in the southern part of China. Two million people visit Yin Lingshan every year. It is an area that shows the real culture and history of China.

Travel Tips

Flight and bus services are available to reach Wuxi. The Railway station at Wuxi offers train services regularly to various places. From station, one can take bus number 88 or 89 to reach Yin Lingshan. In case, you are coming from Shanghai, you can get any of the tourist shuttles from Hongkou Football Stadium or Shanghai Stadium. This bus services are available on weekends only. The cost of ticket is sixty eight RMB only. The opening hours are from 07:30 in the morning to 5:30 in the evening every day. Book your tickets to China! 

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