Laoye Mountain and Duke Guan Temple – Ancient Relics That Mesmerizes Your Soul

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Off 35 kilometers south of Qinghai Zining city located Laoye Mountain at Qiaotour Town in Datong County of People’s Republic of China. The mountain is having excellent features of natural richness, steep gorges, tall mountains, lush meadows, drooping trees, wild animals and of course historical relics.  The famous Duke Guan Temple is the main attraction of this high altitude mountain location.  The marvelous, breath taking sculpture work in the temple makes the tourists to stay focused and get submerged in the creativity of the Chinese sculptures.

Multi dimensional weather

Mount Liushuo is the other name for Mount Laoye.  Some of the other attractions are the Fire Burnt Platform and the Tiger Cave. On the north side of the Mount Laoye is Mount Yak which faces the deep cliffs of Mount Laoye. As the usual climate phenomena that you can experience in high altitude locations, the weather is always take different forms without any notice. The frequent changing climate throws a challenging experience to face the harsh realities one should prepare to face while trekking to high altitude destinations. You will definitely have this unpredictable experience and can enjoy this experience, provided if you are adequately prepared to face it mentally and physically.

The sky is blue and clear in most of the occasions.  At times the sky gets clouded.  The change of climate is a wonderful experience one can have it at Laoyeshan Mountain.   The sceneries are enchanting. Watching the intermittent climate changes, the formation of clouds or simply rambling in the forest would be a lasting experience one can never miss in their life, had they visited this beautiful place.

The four season climate

Let us see how this beautiful mountain changes its costume during the four seasons.  It is decorated extremely in different dimension.  In spring, the mountain is covered with mist and in summer you can see the trees start to flourish like anything in a vardant fashion. The autumn is naturally brings lots of joyful moments with colors, wild flowers bloomed all over the mountain and in winter, it is the snow time. Nestling in fluffy clouds and carpeted by snow, it gives a magnificent experience one would never like to part. No doubt and nothing to wonder if you’re poetic instincts get fired upon. Such a marvelous place, you can never see anywhere in the world.

Rugged grotesque peaks

If anybody called this mountain as "Rugged grotesque peaks", the mountain deserved to be known by this name by all means. There are no exaggerations in bestowing the generous compliments like this. The mount is 2,928 meters above sea level. The important tourist spot of this location are the Main Hall of Buddha, the Laoyeshan Hall, the Yuhuang Pavilion, the Guanyin Cave and Half Wall pavilion.  Make sure to visit these locations, which are spread across the mountain stretch.

Ideal season:

Summer is the ideal season to visit Laoye Mountain.  The June 6 Festival is the much talked about celebration which is a blend of Chaoshan Festival and the grand Flower Festival held here every year.  Climatic advantage and the attraction of flower festival encourage tourists to visit the mountain stretch and you can find lot of local folks visit this location during this season along with foreigners.

Travel Tips:

Special tourist bus services are operated to Laoyeshan from Xining. The site is opened from 8 in the morning to 6 in the evening.  Don’t think twice if you are tempted!

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