Huayan Temple in Chongqing

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Huayan Temple is located in the foot of the big and ancient mountain known as Dalaoshan in the western part of Chongqing. It was constructed near a cave situated in cliff of mountain. Throughout the year, one can find the water splashing from streams of mountain just as water. This temple is in south western part of the Datong City in province of Shanxi. Huayan Temple is biggest as well as well preserved temple build in the period of Jin and Liao dynasties. It has survived several wars, disorders, declines and rises of various times. It is supposed to be constructed in eight year in reign of Qingning. It houses lot of bronze as well as stone statues of many emperors who ruled China. It was partially destroyed in war in latter period of Liao dynasty. But, it was reconstructed in third year of reign of Tianquan in period of Jin dynasty. Datong City which was previously known as Pingcheng was capital city of Jin and Liao dynasties. Therefore, Huayan temple was taken as state property.

Various religious activities originated from the temple

The term Huayan has old word in Chinese language, hua which means flower. The entire region of Huayan Temple has three parts mainly. They are Reception Hall, Huayan Cave, and an impressive Sakyamuni Hall. This area is in fact solemn area as it contains many Buddhist figures which as very respectful and stately. The history and origin behind the Huayan Temple is fully lost in world of mystery. Existing records of history show the start of various religious activities that happened in the year 1599 in period of Ming Dynasty. All these activities were improved in the period of Qing Dynasty as lot of significantly prominent monks came from various parts of the world in order to practice the different rituals in Buddhism. It led to formation of one religious community gradually. At this temple, the first abbot was Master Shengke from this specific community.

As the formal foundation of Huayan Temple was during Qing Dynasty, it has had sixty four abbots in order to direct all the work that happened there. During the superseding years, activities related to religion have very well reflected element of prosperity which came only from donations of hundreds of worshipers believing in Buddhism. The Huayan temple at present possesses a huge source of musical instruments for use in religious activities, relics, Buddhist classics, paintings as well as poems by well known personages, horizontal inscribed boards which are embroidered, and several couplets that are written over scrolls in the midst of its treasures.

The Huayan Temple and surrounding region are splendid and also magnificent strikingly. There are several bright ancient Buddhist here. The exterior part of temple is sheltered fully by the numerous hug and ancient trees. The entire view is as a picture. Mountain scenery near temple is extraordinary. It creates a perfect vision that of heaven on earth. The Huayan Lake near the temple is favourite spot of many travellers. Ne can swim here to the content of heart.

Travel Tips

The Huayan Temple can be visited any time. Bus, taxi and flight services are available to reach Chongqing. Take bus or taxi to reach temple from there. 

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