Jeifangbei – Vibrant Business and Cultural Center

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Jeifangbei is also called as Jiefangbei Shangye Buxingjie. It is a very popular as well as prosperous ultra-dense downtown located in Chongqing of China. This urbanized area is centered mainly on a huge pedestrian mall as well as a landmark monument tower. It portraits the Chinese civilizations and is a great proof for the history of Chins for the past fifty years. The region neighboring monument tower in fact makes up chief district of business in Yuzhong District located in the Chongqing city. It is recognized as the highly prominent CBD in the whole land of China. Jeifangbei is considered as mother town of Chongqing. There are lot of cultural gatherings, enthusiastic individuals, vibrant streets and more in Jeifangbei. It attracts both native people as well as foreigners.

Business and entertainment options

In Jeifangbei downtown, one can find thousands of bars, shops, and restaurants that are situated in different buildings. Few among them are huge international department stores, regional stalls offering street food, designer boutiques, movie theatres, dance clubs and bars. All these attractive buildings are much clustered specifically only in the pedestrian streets that neighbors the monument tower as well as the pedestrian square which is perfectly lined with lot of big mega-shopping malls. These malls are having jumbo-tron light emitting diode screens as well as illuminated advertising billboards. The high commercial skyscrapers, popular international hotels, luxurious residential accommodation of the city can be seen here.

People's Liberation Monument

One of the main attractive features of Jeifangbei is the Jeifangbei Shopping Square. The construction of this shopping square got done in the year 1997. As per the Women's Wear daily, in 2013, this spot was famous with really stylish as well as young individuals who meet just to shop at best stores like Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci and Rolex. The big pedestrian square surrounds the high People's Liberation Monument constructed during the victory period of World War II. This monument is twenty seven and half meters tall. The shopping square as an area of twenty five thousand square meters. It is planked well by several huge multi-floor department stores. There are many podiums that provide extra retail alternatives underground as well as in the street sides. This downtown being at the core part of the Chongqing city is just uphill from Chaotianmen Port that is at the union point of River Jialing and River Yangtze.

The main department stores loved by people here are Maison mode times, Pacific department store, Carrefour, Chongqing Times Square, Wangfujing Department Store and Diwang Square. The various towers are Xinhua International Tower, Chongqing Poly Tower, JW Marriott International Finance Centre, Intercontinental Hotel, Chongqing Financial Street, Metropolitan Tower, Chongqing World Financial Centre, United International Mansion, International Trade Center, Westin Hotel, International Commercial Center, Yingli Tower, and more. The major attractions are Changjiang or River Yangtze River Ropeway, Chaotianmen Passenger Ferry night light show, Chaotianmen Square, Jeifangbei Food Street, HongYaDong Shopping Complex, People's Park and Jeifangbei Monument and Clock.

Travel Tips

Subway train station services are available to reach the Jeifangbei. Shuttle buses and taxi services are available always.

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