Gui'de County – A Balanced County from the Good and Bad of Tourism

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Gui'de County is situated in the province of Qinghai in the land of China. This county is under administration of the Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. In the late fourteenth century, this place became a part of the Ming Dynasty. In the period from 1375 to 1380, many buildings as well the earthed walls of China were constructed. The entire city was in fact enlarged in by the end of sixteenth century. After the foundation of People's Republic in China, the moats got filled in fully. The southern as well as northern gates got pulled down. Similar was the effect on the towers too. In the early twenty first century, work started to restore all the towers and also the gates.

Incredible tourist destination

This county successfully balances all the benefits as well as drawbacks of tourism. It is given more importance in the entire province due to its natural beauty. Over five hundred thousand travelers from different parts of the world visit this county in the first 5 months of every year. There is considerable increase in the number of tourists as each year passes by. When a comparison is made to previous year, reports reveal that there is a hike of thirty percent in number of visitors and it has led to increase in revenue by about eighty two percent. This rise in the aspects of tourism has helped in improving the regional economy of the Gui’de County.

National Geo Park in the offing

The fast pace development that occurred in this county has to a small extent affect the environment as well as the regional traditions. But efforts are put forward to sustain all these to hundred percent as the previous state. The government of Gui’de County is working hard in order to enhance the facilities of tourism every day. One great initiative is to build national geo park in this county and introducing a perfect route for boat cruise on the river Yellow. All steps are taken to see if a perfect balance is maintained thereby keeping the River yellow clean always. It is given maximum importance.

Tourism is a way life instead of agricultural activities

The river Yellow runs approximately eighty kilometers through this county and is the cleanest part in the river. For native people, this river offers a living and so they possess a very special relation with the river. The water is sustained clean and it helps in maintaining the regional traditions too. It is seen that almost thirty percent of the native people have turned fully into tourism by giving up the agriculture. Kids are even sent to specific boarding schools while parents are engaged busily in running hotels, restaurants or becoming a tour guide or drivers. This shows that there is easy transportation facilities and accommodation available within the Gui’de County always.

Travel Tips

Taxi and bus services are available to this county regularly. Please note that in case if you wish o be aware of regional culture, you will have to stay with the families residing there. This will help in understanding more on the traditions. Qinghai Lake near to this county is an attractive feature. Book your tickets to Guide County at the earliest! 

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