Delingha or Delhi and Baigong Pipes

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Delingha or Delhi is located in Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, in Qinghai Province of People's Republic of China. This is an ardent industrial city with modern outlook and features situated 200 kilometers southeast of the Da Qaidam Administrative Region. This prefecture is created in 1988 with 7 townships with a total of 27,700 square kilometers.

Strategically important place

Delingha is a strategically important place for China as China has their nuclear and missile testing sites here and foreigners do have to face strict restrictions.  In fact this is an off limit location for foreigners. It has been reported based on the evidences collected through commercial satellites that about 60 medium range nuclear ballistic missiles are deployed near Delingha. The place has long been rumored about the heavy nuclear missiles and research activities which are prompt to believe the reason for why foreigners are not allowed to visit these areas.

Good rail net work system is available to Delingha from various parts of Chinese cities. Some of the important cities from where you can board train trip to Delingha are Xining, Lanzhou, Geemu, Lhasa, Chongging and Chengdu. That shortest distance is from Geemu which is only 309 kilometer far from Delingha and the longest station is Chongging which is 2,203 kilometers away from Delingha. 


Since this is high altitude location, the climate will be moderate during May to September. From October to April, mostly the temperature will fall below to minus degree hence it would be better to plan your trip between October to April.

Tourists are advised to carry cold protective gears and warm sleeping bags to meet climate challenges.  Further, it is highly advised to carry warm cold resistant shoes with rubber soles for easy grip when you do trekking. 

Delingha is a lonely town in the middle of a desert. When you travel between Wulan and Delingha, which is 120 kilometer stretch, there is nothing much you can see except the plain desert. After Delingha the next major city is Dunhuang which is 465 kilometers far away.  People are extremely friendly and no wonder if they invite you to join with them for food.   The town is very much clean indeed.

Baigong Pipes:

There are lot of mysterious rumors could be heard about the Baigong Pipes.  Some even suggests the pipes are the relics left by some aliens. Lot of research has been carried out find out the chemical composition of the pipes.  Some of the elements are still missing to find out is another reason to add up the mysteries.  These pipes or pipes like features are found on and near Mount Baigong, which 40 kilometer southwest of Delingha.

Tourism attraction:

The following are  some of the important tourist locations Delingha; Baishu Mountain, Gahai Lake, Baigong Mountain, Hongjun Valley, Hanhaibailin Cypress Forest Park, Talian Lake, Hala Lake, Delingha Shang Ye Bu Xing Jie, HaiZi ShiGe ChenLieGuan and DelingHaShi BuXingjine.


There is a good airport at Delingha which is easing up the transportation facilities for tourist wish to take up air routes. The Rail net work of Qinghai-Tibet is a new addition to Chinese Rail Net work system, which can be said as the only high altitude rail net work in the world.  Also the new green road net work across the whole territory, make transport and commutation which easier than earlier days.

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