Mengda Tian Chi Lake – The Cleanest Among All Lakes

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Mengda Tian Chi Lake can be translated as Mengda Heavenly Lake Natural Reserve, is one of the sterling nature reserves along the Yellow River, Huang He, and 190 kilometer far towards the south east of Xining, located in Xunhua County of People's Republic of China.  The lake is considered as a scared one for both the Sala Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists.  Tourists are encouraged to trek through the mud track along Huang He which will take two and half hours to reach to the lake area. The entire Tianchi Lake is surrounded by deep forest full of drooping trees and lush greeneries.  The lake is 2,504 meter long and 700 meters wide.  The average depth of the lake is about 2.5 meters.  The lake can hold about 200 million cubic meters of water. There are lots of natural dams, waterfalls and springs you can see here. 

Walk around the lake

Walking around the lake is a fun filled activity.  When the water level in the lake is low, you can really enjoy walking around the lake.  When the lake is filled up water, you can move to the cliffs and peaks for watch the natural beauties.

Heavenly Lake, Tianchi, by all means is the most spectacular tourist destination and is magnificent due to the lush greeneries, exuberant trees and the fantastic rocks surrounded around the lake.  A beautiful waterfall with eight meter width is another great view which tumbles over huge cliff, located south east portion of the Tianchi Lake. The nature of the waterfall keeps on changing between summer and winter. In winter the waterfall looks like an icefall and by summer it will turn in to a blooming waterfall.  The lake water is famous for its cleanness.  The pure green water is so pure and having no contaminations.  The clean environment is the only reason why the lake is being attracted by the visitors.

Reaching to Mengda Tianchi Lake

Getting to Mengda Tianchi Lake is relatively quite easy. The People's Republic of China has put lot of emphasis on improving the infrastructural facilities and reaching to many of the tourist destination has become very much hassle free.  All you have to do is little planning and finding out the right kind of tour operators with the help of a good English speaking guide, you can have a wonder trip to China.

You can start your trip from Xining where there are lots of tour operators who organize daily travel trip to Mengda Tianchi Lake site viewing trips. If you depend on a tour operator the trip would be mainly a combined trip and you will have the best opportunity to mix your trip with lots of other surrounding scenic places. The rate will be about CNY 80 per person, including the entry fee. In the event if you wish to move alone, you can hope to a bus from Xining to Xunhua. From morning 7am onwards every half an hour there are busses available to the lake side or you can even consider hiring a taxi.  The best season to visit the lake is during summer.

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