Kanbula National Forest Park

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The Kanbula National Forest that has a total area of four thousand seven hundred and seventy four hectares is situated in the Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture which is in the rural area of Kanbula Jianzha County. This place is nearly two hundred kilometers away from Xining in the province of Qinghai. It is at an altitude of two thousand one hundred to four thousand meters over the level of sea. In north, it is bordered by River Yellow abutting against well known hydro electric power station in Liajiaxia. The entire park is having many lofty mountains surrounding it. It has lot of trees covered that will resemble a sea of forest throughout. Near to mountain, the weather may change any moment and very frequently.

Lots of deflated hills

In Kanbula National Forest, there are lots of deflated hills which are formed in northwestern side of the Qaidam Basin by the sand as well as wind erosion in the long run. These came to be known as the red-cloud landforms. These are all distinct ones and are featured mainly by the high mountains, precipitous cliffs, wonderful peaks, and caves, several peaks of rocks, stone walls, and stone columns in different shapes. The huge mountains appear just as the grand cum vertical column or as tower or sometimes as castle. The tiny hills appear just as the huge and strange looking animals of several odd shapes. The main representatives of these red colored formations with different appreciable shapes are Qiangqi Hill, Meeting of Fairies, and Nanzong Valley.

In Kanbula National Forest, there are 18 perilous mountain peaks. Among then two are much well known namely Neibaozong and A’qiongnanzong. The Neibaozong peak is in fact square separated. On this peak, there are several rare plant species. On top portion of this peak, there is beautiful Sky Pond and one spring. The slope is fully covered with trees. Flowers bloom here. One can find several species of birds in Kanbula National Forest. Along the valley, the flow of gurgling streams is continuous accompanying tranquil hollow. This proves that the Kanbula National Forest is a spot with a very enchanting landscape. A’qiongnanzong is neighbored by lot of steep cliffs. There is just a single path that has steps of stone through which all can get to the highest point on peak. The majority of this path is mainly cut of cliffs. On top portion of peak, there is a very old Buddhist temple along with lot of tiny caves. Several statues of Buddha are being displayed in all these small caves. Lot of travelers visits this place throughout the whole year.

Travel Tips

The admission fee to Kanbula National Forest is just thirty RMB for one person. The opening hours start form 8 in the morning and ends at 6 in the evening. One can get a bus from the hydroelectric power station in Lijiaxia at long distance bus station in Xining. It is just a journey of ninety kilometers and will cost only twenty Yuan. This place is awesome. Hurry up!

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