Zhangfei Temple – Magnificently Constructed With Red Walls and Glazed Tiles

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The Zhang Fei Temple is located on Wangjiang Street in the Yunyang County which is fifty five kilometres away from the Wanxian County, sixty four kilometres from the Yunyang County and three hundred and eighty two kilometres from the well known Chongqing City. This temple is an attractive site in three gorge region. It is not much famous among the western travellers but it is well known to Asian travellers. The Zhang Fei Temple is a very magnificent one that has red walls and glazed tiles. It is located on Flying Phoenix Hill on southern bank of River Yangtze.

Romance of Three Kingdom

Zhang Fei, a Shu Kingdom general is believed to be killed by his subordinates. The body is buried at a place called Langzhong. It was later brought to Yunyang and therefore, the temple was constructed here. More information can be seen in the novel with name - 'Romance of Three Kingdom. In 1870, several structures of the temple were destroyed because of flood. In the front of main hall, the huge statues of well known sworn brothers, namely Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu are built. Inside this main hall, there is statue of Guan Yu with red face and wild eyes. On either sides of statue, the scenes shown are from his life. On top, there is a main hall. There are several layers of beautiful vermilion banisters as well as blue tiles. The statues in the temple portray legendary heroes. Several tablet inscriptions, paintings and calligraphy can be found here.
There is a Helpful Wind Pavilion which was constructed eight hundred and fifty years before. It has large portraits and steles of well known general as well as his wife. People believe that his spirit has become a helpful wind which always helped the passing boats. Most of the junkmen stop at Zhang Fei Temple in order to light the firecrackers and express their appreciation. One can find the Western Zhou dynasty’s serial bells, Eastern Zhou’s bronze sword, etc in the main hall. There are several potteries, porcelain, and bronze exhibited in this temple.

Travel Tips

One can take bus services from the Chaotianmen's Jiaotong Square. Another choice is to take yacht to the Yunyang County from the harbor in Chaotianmen. Then a boat has to be taken from the Changxizi Harbour located in Yunyang County in order to reach Zhangfei Temple. The services by boat are available every hour.

The price of ticket to enter the temple is forty Yuan for an adult and twenty Yuan for a child. The opening hours are from 8 am to 5 pm every day. The appropriate time for visiting this well known temple is during winter and spring season as it is very hot during summer season. There is heavy rain in the autumn season. So do visit the temple in winter or spring season. Carry warm clothes as there is huge difference in day and night temperature. A four hour visit is recommended.

Visit the temple to know more on Zheng Fei!

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