Menyuan Hui Autonomous County

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The autonomous county Menyuan Hui is situated in north eastern side of Lake Qinghai and is approximately one hundred and fifty kilometers far from the capital of province Xining. In this region, members of various minorities live. The main five minorities are Tibetan, Sara, Hui, Mongolia and Tu. This place is the base of production of Cole in entire north China. It is also base of production of the oil plants in whole province of Qinghai. Every year, in month of June, this cole will be covered with blooming flowers. One can observe an ocean with yellow flowers in every June. This county is under administration of the Haibei Tibetan autonomous prefecture. It has lot of mountains that are covered with snow. It is also featured with deserts, glistening lakes, icy peaks and wild pastures.

Well for Rape flowers

The Menyuan Hui is well known for the rape flowers too. It fills the place from month of July to month of October. The scenic spot with rape flowers is nearly one hundred and fifty kilometers north of the Xining. It will take a minimum of three hours to reach there on a vehicle. It is alsp famous for its grasslands, canyons and rocks. The rape flower land is the most attractive feature among the tourists. There are several rivers as well as lakes here. The people residing in this spot are living mainly by the animal husbandry.

Natural to the core

There is a sea of cauliflowers in Menyuan. In month of July, this area will be as golden sea. In plateau of Qinghai, the white clouds, mountains covered with snow, and blue sky set cauliflowers off such that it resembles a perfect painting. In the sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty seven hectares of cauliflower land, it provides a west style that will leave a huge space for imagination. The entire region appears as golden sea in western China that mesmerizes travelers to China. The field of rape flowers comes to about ninety eight thousand acres. Its yellow color will offer very enjoyable feelings while having a walk in the field. There are many Grand Canyon that are being covered by primeval forest. One will definitely love Menyuan as almost everything in this place is very natural as well as beautiful.

Beautiful meadows and grasslands

The grasslands of Menyuan Hui are very amazing ones. In times of breeze, grass will sway just as waves of sea. One can observe livestock hidden under the grass. In Menyuan Hui, one can even view very conventional culture of Tibet because it neighbors with Tibet as well as province of Qinghai. Several Tibetans are living in this place. There is a beautiful lake in Menyuan Hui, which is known as Lake Menyuan. The land of Menyuan has fresh air only. The climate is often the best for travel. As height of Menyuan Hui is from two thousand three hundred to five thousand meters above level of sea, it seems that sky is very close and it appears as if one can grasp even the clouds.

Travel tips

The closest airport is in Xining City. From there, one can get a long distance bus to reach Menyuan Hui in just three hours. Book your tickets to China. Never miss the sunrise at Menyuan Hui. It is awesome! 

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