Beautiful Ridges in Mount Sanqing

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Mount Sanqing, whose geographical landscape is similar to that of Huangshan, so it was hailed as “Little Huangshan”. Mount Sanqing is not as famous as Huangshan, but there are also many beautiful ridges on the mountains. When first claimed on the Mount Sanqing, I just saw a world of white snow, and cannot see the peak, pure white, extremely clean. After staying in the mountain hotel for one night, I’m still chaotic, could not help some chagrin. Suddenly, there was a ray of golden light shed down…

When I was about to reach the “west coast”, the sun finally get rid of the heavy fog, and the sky gradually revealing the pure blue, not only allows me to experience a walk in the cloud like the fairy, and also let me have a look at the beautiful ridges of Mount Sanqing, no regrets of this trip.

Although it is not full all of sunshine, but this ray of morning light against the background of the Qiong tree, also lit up my mood.

Looming slender peaks, like a group of immortals in veil, come to the mundane. 

This small peak is like a finger, especially the small pine tree on the fingertips, very interesting.

Pine trees stand in the cliff, also a beautiful landscape. 

peaks in the sea of clouds, majestic…

The floating plank road around the cliffs stretching for more than a dozen kilometers, only the brave ones have the courage to taste of the beautiful scenery of the Mount Sanqing.

There is a glass gazebo at a turning corner of that plank road on the Mid-Levels. Stand on it, like hanging in the one hundred meters’ air.

Overlook the clouds in the mountains, like hanging by a thread, thrilling wonderful…

Beautiful peaks…

This peak is a like small snail stretching its head. 

The geographical indications of Mount Sanqing, like a python. 

Look up the python, as if it is going to fly into the sky.

Walking in the ridges, just like walking in the painting. 

Look back at the python when the down the mountain, actually seen such a phantom in the mixing of light. Now the python has become a young woman in thinking.

Tips: Mount Sanqing is a renowned Taoist Mountain with outstanding scenery, located 50 miles north from Yushan, Jiangxi Province. San Qing literally mean 'three districts' in Mandarin as the San Qing Mountatin is made up of three main summits: the “Yujing Mountain”, “Yushui Mountain” and “Yuhua Mountain”. A Chinese phrase “Three steep peaks, like the Three Pure Ones sit the summits” explains why it was named San Qing. Amongst the three hills, the Yujing Peak is the highest. The San Qing Mountain had been classified as a national park. It is a famous honeypot in mainland China as well as a shelter for animals and plants. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008.

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