Taining Traveling By Car

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The small waterfalls in the Zhaixia Big Canyon

We, a group of people in a car, departed Xiamen and headed for Yong’an. Bad weather, it was rainy all the way. Fortunately, there were few cars on the road, and we finally arrived at Yong’an at 11:00, and checked in the Yanjiang International Hotel. After having lunch, we went to see the famous Taoyuan Cave in Yong'an. 

The hole of the Taoyuan Cave

Taoyuan Cave

Overview from the Taoyuan Cave

The water at the hole of Taoyuan Cave is turbid

Leave Yong'an, about 2 or 3 hours later, with rain all the way to the Taining. Fortunately, it began to snow when the car just left the Taining high-speed toll station, and became more and more heavily. There were someone hadn’t seen snow before, rushing out to feel the snow themselves. After clamed down, we moved on.

We finally arrived at Taining Jinyang Star Resort, villa-style, look good, but it was as cold as in the outside. 

The location is very good, by the Dajin Lake. We took some photos after the snow was stop. 

Dajin Lake in the wind

By the Dajin Lake

In such cold day, it is wise to go to see the Zhaixia Big Canyon. Just as what people have said on the internet. Zhaixia Big Canyon is really good, fresh air, few visitors, there are wooden planks all the way, and it is not tired to walk. The beautiful Danxia landform scenery is also very comfortable to enjoy. 

The bamboo forests in Zhaixia

Wooden plank, Danxia landform

There were snow on the top of the tree 

Dusai Lake

frozen leaves

This tree looks especially beautiful, crystal clear

The waterfall in Zhaixia

Danxia landform

beside the Yuhua Cave

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