Winter Tour Beijing Zoo

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Someday ago, I went to the zoo and spent a happy day there, although it was a bit cold, I still played a whole day with my family. The animals are rather lonely, so if time permit, all of us should go to accompany them. 

It is a royal manor in the Ming Dynasty, named Sanbeizi Garden. The eastern part is called the Leshan Park, while the western part is called Keyuan Park. In 1906, Keyuan Garden and Leshan Park merger, and collect some animals, named Wansheng Park. April 1, 1955, the western suburbs park was officially renamed as the Beijing Zoo. 

We take a counterclockwise route, giving up the conventional route, and first came to the Amphibians and Reptiles Hall.

Pogona vitticeps from eastern Australia, also known as Bearded Dragon

Radish tail leopard gecko lizard, Gekkonidae, a variant in the artificial cultivation

It is the Trimeresurus.

These days it was surprisingly low temperatures in Beijing, minus 10 degrees, the river was frozen into ice, covered with leaves.

Look, the lions were sleeping soundly. 

Ps: If visit the zoo in winter, you should ware thick clothes, because you will spend the most of time wandering outdoors, if it is really cold, the rhinoceros hippopotamus museum is a good place to eat and get warm, in the northeast of the garden.

Beijing Zoo fares:
1 High season: (April 1 - October 31)
Joint ticket: 20 yuan / person (including entrance ticket, Panda ticket);
Admission: 15 yuan / person (not including Panda ticket or circus ticket); Panda House fare: 5 yuan / person;

2 Off-season: (November 1 - March 31);
Joint ticket: 15 yuan / person (including ticket, Panda ticket);
Admission: 10 yuan / person (not including Panda ticket, circus ticket)

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