Eight Ancient Villages in the Suburbs of Beijing

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In addition to bustling streets, there are also some old and quiet villages interpreting the beauty of Beijing.

1 Baiyu Village

Baiyu Village is 12 km away from Zhaitang Town, Beijing Mentougou District. It is a historic place full of numbers of heritages. According to folklore, Baiyu had become a military town since the Ming Dynasty. 

Screen wall: every household in Baiyu Village has a screen wall, inscribed with characters or painted with paintings on the wall. 

Tianjin Pass: 
There is a military camp, a ruined tablet, a flagpole stand, and some titles. In the north of the village, there is a fort site. 

Erdaochengzi site: hillside, the walls remaining. Standing on the stage of Erdaochengzi site, people can have a panoramic view of Tianjin Pass. 

People in the Baiyu Village have the habit of singing since ancient times, almost everyone in the village can a sing, no matter children or adults. What’s more, there are also many other special folk customs. 

2 Leek Garden Villages

Address: Leek Garden Village, Wangping Town, Mentougou District, Beijing City 

The most famous attraction in Leek Garden Village was undoubtedly the former residence of the famous scholar Ma Zhiyuan in the Yuan Dynasty, which was the repaired by the villagers, and was added with some antique sculpture, ancient lights and works of art, etc. 

Everywhere is pastoral scenery, just as what Ma Zhiyuan have said in his poem, with 90% or more green coverage rate, fresh and pleasant air.

There is a Jiulong Mountain in the south of Leek Garden Village, which has an elevation of 898 meters. 

There are also some towers, a temple, and other cultural landscape in the village. The natural terrain scattered high and low, wooded, so the scenery is elegant and beautiful, with fresh air.

3 Shuiyu Village

Address: Nanjiao Village, Fangshan District, Beijing

An “S” shape stone road rolls through the village. Walking into the village, you will feel as if all of a sudden come to the legendary paradise. Old houses, old mills, and old flags are the most famous in the village. In fact, many tourists come here for these old houses, old mills and old flags. 

The most representative house in Shuiyu Village can be regarded as the old Yang Courtyard. Yang Courtyard, also known as University Courtyard, built in the Qing Qianlong period. There are some old people living in the courtyard, telling the stories about the old houses. 

Last year, Shuiyu Village implements stone mill cultural exhibition project, totally collect, repair, install 128 stone mills. Now, these 128 stone mills have been certified as “world's best collections stone mills” by Shanghai Great World Guinness Book. 

During temple fairs and major folk festivals, the villagers play banners to pray for rain and bless good.

4 Chuandixia Village

Address: Cuanbo scenic area, Zhaitang Town, Beijing Mentougou District 

Cuandixia Village is about 90 km away from Beijing city, dating back over 400 years of history, is preserved with more than 500 sets of 70 courtyard houses of Ming and Qing Dynasties, as well as an ancient buildings of village that relatively complete preservation for the first time. 

Take a look at the old buildings in the village:

The little temple on the hill of village: this temple has a good location, and it is said that it was an important stronghold during the Sino-Japanese War. 

The gallery back of the village: people can walk along this gallery until the east of the village, where you will fell the world around you will become three-dimensional immediately. 

Fuqing Hall: located at the centre of the back of the village, and was the meeting place for the villagers in the past time. 

5 Huanglingxi Ancient Village

Address: Zhaitang Town, Beijing Mentougou District

500-year-old Huanglingxi village is located in the west of Zhaitang Town, where retain many ancient houses of Ming and Qing dynasties. There is a river, bridge, and simple houses in the village. 

Huanglingxi Ancient Village is not only maintained an honest and more than a century of folk, and also retains some local dramas. In addition, in order to develop the local economy, the villagers have established 150 acres of grape picking garden, 300 acres of park-based agricultural pepper picking theme park, cultivated wild vegetables, grains and other agricultural products, to create out of a perfect rural eco-tourism travel routes when in the development of agriculture, the tourism industry, So visitors can freely pick, taste, and close to nature. 

6 Sangyu Village

Address: Tanzhesi Town, Mentougou District 

Sangyu Village is located in Tanzhesi Town, surrounded by mountains and connected with the G108 at the south of the village. The environment is very good, with beautiful scenery, convenient transportation, and historical sites area. 

Sangyu Village has a long history and culture, and there is a Guanghui Temple and Wangdu Peak in the north of the village. With the changes of history, most of ancient buildings in Sangyu Village have become the ruins, but some ancient dwelling houses are still preserved, most of which belong to the Qing Dynasty architecture. 

Highlights of Sangyu Village:

Catholic Church: Sang Village Catholic Church is the oldest church kept in Beijing, more than 7 meters high. 

Zhu Family Courtyard: the most regular courtyard in Sangyu Village is the Zhu Family Courtyard. There are totally five rooms, ancient tile roof very impressive. 
Guanghui Temple: there is a Guanghui Temple on the northeast hillside, Two nearly a meter in diameter ancient ginkgo trees are the treasure of the Temple. 

Zhang Fei Village: there is bounding wall and soldiers field in the village. 

7 Liuliqu

Address: Mentougou District, Beijing Liuliqu Village

Under the Jiulong Mountain, at the bank of Yongding River, there is a famous glass town - that is the Liuliqu Village. This ancient village has a splendid Lau Li culture, rank on the top of the Chinese history and culture village, and attract people's attention. From the Yuan Dynasty, Liuliqu Village has begun to fire glass for the Royal. 

Guojie Building has been the geographical indication of Liuliqu Village in the past 200 years. The most unique feature is that there is a glass plaque inlaid at each end of the hole. 

This Guojie Building can be regarded as a masterpiece of geomancy aesthetic, forming a peculiar naturalized and cultural humanities environment. 

8 Lingshui Village

Address: Junxiang Lingshui Village, Mentougou District of Beijing 

Situated in the Mentougou District of Beijing, about 75km from the city centre, the foundation of this ancient village may have been as early as the Liao dynasty. The village is fairly large and contains houses and temples from lots of periods of Chinese history, some of which as early as the Liao and Jin (1115-1234) dynasties. The Lingshui temple is considered to be the first temple in Beijing. Even the trees here are ancient and some are very famous due to their association with Chinese legends and historical stories. Nowhere else will you find such an incredibly historic atmosphere, with buildings and ruins representing thousands of years of Chinese history and culture.

Highlights of Lingshui Village:

Junren House: the most famous courtyard in the village 

Old cypress: there are many old trees in the village, and the cypress in the northeast of the village is one of the eight scenic spots, whose shape like a large Lingzhi mushroom, and there is no tree around this big tree.

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