Yuyin Mountain House

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The owner of the mansion was one of Qing local official, called Wu Bin. 

The relief and architectural decoration in the garden was crafted by the famous craftsman, accompanied by poetry, calligraphy and painting, the whole garden is even more quiet and elegant.

Yuyin Mountain House is located in Panyu District of Guangzhou City, was built in the Qing Dynasty Tongzhi years (AD 1866), dating back over 130 years of history. The park covers an area of 1598 square meters, small size, fine art features. And the ticket is RMB 18.

the top cover of the main entrance 

As a modern historical sites and typical buildings, Yuyin Mountain House was approved the inclusion of a list of the fifth national key cultural relics protection units by the State Council on June 25, 2001.

Yuyin Mountain House, together with the Qinghui Garden (Shunde), Keyuan Garden (Dongguan), and Liangyuan Garden (Foshan) are known as the four famous gardens of the Qing Dynasty in Guangdong. While Yu Yin Mountain House is the best classical gardens to preserve the original appearance among the four famous gardens, and is also a typical Lingnan landscape architecture.

So it can be regarded as the most powerful mansion in Guangdong.

the deep and quiet mansion 

Yuyin Mountain House is the best choice to do research of the southern garden buildings.

the back garden

an octagonal pavilion

Although the total area of Yuyin Mountain House is small, there are pavilions, bridges, winding paths, lotus pools, and famous flowers, etc. in the garden. 

This arch is a masterpiece of “triple play”: bridge, gallery, and pavilion, showing the designer's unique ideas and superb gardening. In a night with bright moon in the sky, shadow of the moon, bridges, and human beings in the lotus pool form a touching picture. 

Lying floating Cottage: people can enjoy the scenery of the year round through the stained glass embedded in the grid.

Shenliu Hall is the Theme Building in the garden, and the decorative arts and cultural relics. 

Manchuria window antique

There are varieties of four sculptures in the garden: brick, wood carvings, gray birds, stone, filling quaint wind.

The layout of Yuyin Mountain House is ingenious. 

There are also some old trees, exquisite and eye-catching in the garden.

So much beautiful scenery in a limited space

The octagonal pavilion was also called “exquisite waterside”, it was the amusement place in the past time.

one side of ancestral hall 

panorama of Ancestral hall 

The door the Ancestral hall

rainy day is the best time for tours

The garden is not very large, but many film directors like to shoot film here. 

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